I rarely used to read newspaper or my textbooks, but I loved reading stories. Short or long never mattered. One such interesting narration that I happened to come across  goes like this:


Once there were 10 kids playing on railway tracks. Imagine each and every one knew what they were doing. Nine of them playing on live track and there was this one kid who was playing on the dummy track to the extreme. Suddenly a train comes (just imagine it comes), and it is impossible to stop the train as it has reached very near. As a railway authority or a guard what would you do? From a normal perspective, any person would say that I would route the trains track to the dummy one and sacrifice that single life to save the other nine lives. Fair enough! But what wrong did that kid do? The kid knew that it’s unsafe to play on live track and hence it was using the dummy track. While the other nine kids, even after having that knowledge used the live track. Doesn’t that one kid deserve to live?( I am recollecting it from my faint memory so wordings may differ)

Great piece of thought put in by the author.


This is in reference to the recent happenings in my home country, India. The image of Indian men has taken a beating. Parents have long started advising their daughter to not even look at strangers, leave talking. The condition is so bad that we (men)have lost it and the entire globe knows about it. The happenings, government taking actions and other blah’s are altogether a different ball game. Let’s not go into that.


My intentions are simple.

I intend to pay tribute to the selfless and good men out there. They might not account more than 10-15% of the entire male population. They include people who work hard to feed their family, who show courage to protect the women and stand up against the bad, those who take care of their family needs, those who save majority of their earnings for the good of human beings. They are the people who define MEN. Imagine those men, who clean the glasses of Burj Khalifa  (world’s tallest building). I doubt whether they take this risk only for them or also for their families behind, hoping that the latter is a good reason for them to do so.


Whenever I see women complaining that, they can’t find any good men around (or vice versa), I always think to myself that these women will never be able to find such men. These minority group of good men may not carry i-phone, branded shoes or costly cars. And seldom does a woman notice a man without fancy stuff. Again I’m leaving that topic for future discussions.


I would like to pay my tribute to all such people. People, who work outside, run around to make some money, who stay away extended years from their families to earn and feed, those who respect other beings. Such people though less in quantity, needs to be respected. I’m going to end this with another real life incident which happened to my friend.

My friend was once invited in a party and he had a group of friends along. The party went on till late night. The number of people started reducing. He noticed that one of his colleague (female) got really high and was in no position  to drive her car back home. He not only helped her reach home, but also made sure that someone responsible from her family had taken note of the situation. As he narrated this incident, I had already congratulated him from my heart for a great deed. 


Great work brother. But I am sorry because probably you will be one of those children who will be killed while playing on a dummy track, in order to save the other plenty lives playing on live track.


copied from my blog : anooppillaiz.blogspot.ae


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