Again a blast from the past.


I have known these three other guys from my school days. That is from the age of 5. We had our share of fights, enjoyments, hanging outs etc. Before the rise of social media, I had parted from the other three and moved far from them. We had no clue of who was up to what but things changed some years back.


I came back to the city again and whenever we could, we would ensure that all four of us meet and share a great time. Sometimes at the beach, sometimes near our school, sometimes some restaurant or some good place nearby and occasionally it would also be some bar.


One of my friends in the group was in a relationship in between. That is the time when our group was reduced to 3 instead of 4. He would rarely or sometimes not meet us. Less messages and sometimes no messages at all for weeks all together. We used to say,’ Chalo gang mein se ek nikal gaya’ (One member has quit our gang). Still we were happy for him, because he was happy.


The relation lasted 6 months and by then, the lass called it quits.


He was suffering from the usual heart break. We would do our part of visiting him and cracking jokes. He used to have a good laugh and again change of expressions. We allowed him to be alone, but making sure that we were with him all the time.


Out of us 3 friends (excluding the break up guy), me and other friend were single and singing jingles. The third one had a pool of girl friends. (You know what I mean…devilish smile).


When we 3 used to meet each other sometimes after work, we would often have this conversation,

My single friend: See, a girl comes into your life and you are no longer going to be the same guy. This is why I enjoy staying single.

Quoting the incident of the other friend’s heartbreak.

Me: True mate! (Sour grapes)

My playboy friend: Not if you have more than one…devilish smile.




We singles would kick the other guy for making us jealous and he would run around like a headless chicken. Great fun.


Months passed and the heart broken friend started getting normal. He started hanging around with us. Though not the usual fun, but still our group was cool. In our group, out of the two singles I was more emotionally charged. The other one was practical and not even close to emotions. He was more of a tech savvy guy. The guy with a pool of girlfriends was romantically charged. The fourth guy who became single now was a bit emotional and more of intelligent kind.


Now henceforth, the incident revolves around me and the guy who suffered a break up.


I was free one of these days, and I got a text from this guy. He was on leave from office and bored. He asked if we could meet up. The other 2 were busy with some engagements.


I texted him back saying I was ever ready.

Now is the time for some truth.


We planned to meet up at the beach, it was fun to sea water splashing over the rocks and we as a group used to witness the beautiful sunset from this point. I met him there later, in the evening.


Me: How’s you mate?

Him: I’m good. Alone is better. No messages, no problems of hanging around with friends late night, no late night calls ….bla…bla… black sheep……


Already knowing what I indirectly asked.


Me: You were the most intelligent among us. It surprises me that you didn’t know that you might have to go through all these. If you say alone is better, then why waste time, energy and money on something that you never wanted. So this is what you wanted? Freedom, Right?


I am definitely going behind him. Digging up facts and knowing the psychological side of a person has always interested me.


Him: I almost went down the line and got married. Now I always say that it’s better alone and it’s just a fine mask. My world pretty much revolved around that relationship. From morning greets to the night byes.

Me: Bro, What now? How do you feel? You know you can always share and if there is anything that can be done, let’s do that.

Him: In the early days, space looked really void. I desperately tried to get back or at least get someone to fill in the emptiness.


I interrupt him again, ‘So you want to get back again or launch a hunt for a new one …hehe’


Him: No, not exactly.


I am confused. This conversation isn’t going anywhere, looks like that. I look at him pathetically.


Today the water splashing on the huge boulders were less. We moved to one of those huge boulders. I sit down on one of them, while he stands on the other and picking up small stones and throwing them into the deep sea. I feel like I am also a part of those culturally and emotionally rich regional movies where the hero takes ages to speak up.


I draw his attention by asking him,’ So? What exactly?’


Him: You won’t understand. As of now it won’t work with any other girl. You ask me why I don’t know why. But one thing I know for sure is that I never ever want to see her again, forget about getting back. I wish she never existed. Don’t want to see her in this life, neither in the next nor the one after that.


He is serious and I don’t dare to crack a joke. Who would want to drown in salt water.


I get the answer for my psychological quest. I understand that he is wounded deep inside.

I just sit there thinking to myself, while my emotionally high friend is still throwing pebbles into the deep sea.


I get up from my place after a while, and tell him,

It’s getting dark and I am starving. We have this new burger place open while you were away. Let’s go and have some burger.

Him: Cool.

Me: This place has a hot waitress and you might want to re-think on your words.


He giggles and ‘You sick Bastard!!!’


There is laughs all the way as we keep bitching about life and I wholeheartedly pray that he gets well and feels better soon.


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13 thoughts on “AAAHHHH!!! Buddy… IT’s TIME TO MOVE ON…”

  1. Anoope did that friend got married or he just said he almost did with that girl.anyway friends are special right?.two friends i had was different from the rest in our class.we had our own world.making fun of others,going to movies etc.but we hardly spoke to girls.but after some two years in face book a girl who studied well in our class replied i still remember the stupid things you guys did.
    i don’t know if it is a coincidence my new poem is about sea shore once i visited when i was in kollam.

    1. He is single now and I hope he is enjoying life. Haven’t seen him in a couple of years but will see him this year hopefully. I had a lot of friends but I am close to only a few now. Thanks for reading my post, I am glad you could relate to this. I went through your poem and commented on the same too.

      Keep blogging.


    1. Lol.. I could laugh my gut out thinking of any such events with my friends, they are funny as hell 😀

      Thanks for passing by 🙂 Have a great day.

  2. Loved the part–Hunting again & Hotttt waitress, LOL, so nostalgic. It made me rem my college days wen our gang used to do so many wicked things including pranks & what not to be done for our GF having BF & Blah Blah Blah (Devlish grin).Cheers!

  3. This incident took me to my a year over college days when my friend too had to face the same situation.
    How those golden times get relevant to every people who has passed that stage of life. Nicely portrayed 🙂

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