Rainy days


My native place is Kerala in India. A handkerchief shaped place right at the bottom of the Indian map. I am still confused when people call this place ‘God’s own country’. It’s far from being a country.

Hardly have I stayed 4 months at my native and I don’t think I will stay there for extended periods for many years from now. I can’t stand the people there now, who have turned arrogant and unfriendly from selfless and humble. I can’t stand the politics there, which has nurtured socialism in the form of Communist party and secularism in the form of Congress party, but none working towards the good of the people. I can’t stand the distinction of caste and creed people talk about all the time, at every nook and corner of the state. I hate the male dominance that is practiced widely at my place. It pains me when I hear about social evils like dowry being practiced without any disrepute.

So what is the nexus between me and my place, apart from my ties of blood?

The Rains…

I love the rains in Kerala. Not the one that lashes out heavy, disciplining us for our wrong doings in the form of flood and water logging but the slight drizzles and light shower that slowly descends from heaven. Some say it’s Mother Nature’s way of smiling or it’s the tears of the God’s from heaven. I call it a divine soother. The light shower that caress your forehead, feels your skin before it meets the mother earth and gets absorbed. The drizzles that freshens your heart and soul with the sweet smell of the ground. No words can describe the feeling.

Whenever I go to Kerala, I try to make it there during those times when nature treats us with light showers. If I have a motorbike at my disposal, which I usually have, I ride it to feel the fresh drops of fine rain. If I can’t do that, I would spend time watching the rains from the veranda of my house.


I love the rains in Kerala. It’s analogous to the silent love that a girl has in her eyes for the boy, with whom she has made love for the first time ever in life. The silent happiness that a mother has seeing her child making progress in life. The silent admiration a father has for his son after getting good grades in exams.


I love the rains in Kerala, because I see it as a way that Mother Nature tells that she still sustains life and we belong to her. The rains give life to the small stream of water behind my house. The communion of trees, leaves and flowers with the droplets gives a great glamour to the entire place, making it more colorful than the rainbow.


I love the rains, as it remains as a bond between me and Kerala. I love it for, it wipes clean the dirty narrow streets adjacent to my home. It tops up water in the fresh water wells, to the brim at our place, after it has dried up in the summer.


I love the rains, as it brings back lush greenery to the best in Kerala. It cools the earth which was petrified due to the summer’s heat and finally the rain gives me the much wanted ‘ME’ time, as I usually don’t do the customary running around.


I love the rains……


Vineeth Pic   Pic credits and courtesy :  Picture in the beginning of the article is from Google and all the credits and rights to respective owner. Picture towards the end is by Vineeth Rajeev, a dear friend of mine.



4 thoughts on “IT RAINS IN THE GOD’s OWN COUNTRY!!!”

  1. like vehicles very much?some photos from bhoothathankettu.

    1. I did check out your pics there. It’s amazing. Cars and Bikes mean a lot to me. Probably been living to drive from the day I learnt to drive 😉 If u like travelling, I would suggest you to have a look at the travelogue section in team-bhp website. They have a pretty good collection.

      Thanks for the heads up on the travel pics.


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