Beth was seen rushing back to her place after grocery shopping. Her son Jacob and daughter-in-law Riyanna would be back from work and she had to get the preparations for supper done before they were home. They shared the house with Beth as per her wish.

She lost her husband Paul when Jacob was 2 years old. From then, she had never asked for anyone’s help to raise Jacob. A very self made and bold lady Beth was, so bold that the house ran on her decisions.

Talking about Jacob, he completed his Masters in Business Administration. So did Riyanna. They started going out right from the days of knowing each other in college. After seeing each other for two years, and another year of being engaged, they got married to each other. Beth was not really happy about the marriage as she thought Jacob deserved someone better.

On the other hand, Jacob and their common friends knew how good Riyanna was. Smart, humorous, beautiful, talented… you name it and she had it all.

Jacob and Riyanna’s work place was not very close but in the same city. Jacob was mediocre in both academics and job. He always wanted to be a fighter pilot; Beth had crushed that dream right at the outset deeming it too dangerous and risky. He was mature enough not to disobey Beth as he reckoned the pain of a single parent. This softness of Jacob has many times turned blind eye to Beth’s aggravation on Riyanna. Young Riyanna would just quietly submit to Beth as she wanted Jacob to be in peace. A thing Jacob that knew very well.

It’s been two years that both Jacob and Riyanna were working. Riyanna was very good at work too. She had brought about amendments in the long followed procedure in the organization and that had worked well with the management and other employees too. The management was pleased with her smartness and positive attitude, whilst most of her colleagues were delighted by her friendliness and simplicity. Jacob on other hand wouldn’t think of doing beyond what he was told to do. He found the job mundane, which contradicted Beth’s view of her son’s job.

After two years, Riyanna’s toil was acknowledged by her management. She was promoted to a senior level with a considerable hike in the pay. She was really happy about it as she had always dreamt of making it big professionally.

That night she reaches home, shows Beth the letter of appraisal. Beth takes the letter, reads it carefully and hands it back to her after reading. Riyanna takes the letter back and keeps it in Jacob’s cupboard.

As they both are in kitchen doing dishes, Beth brings up the topic of the appraisal and asks her about the new designation and pay rise. She smiling explains all of it to Beth. Beth looses it and bangs a utensil rather harshly on the slab. She questions Riyanna on how she could take up a senior post than Jacob and bring more money home. She kind of orders Riyanna to quit and find another job.

Riyanna is offended but there is no convincing old Beth. Jacob has not spoken against Beth from the time she is with him. So she sees no chances of chasing her dream and thinks that it would remain a dream.

That night Jacob comes late from work. He sees Riyanna and figures out something is wrong from her eyes. He asks her if she is alright to which she confirms that all is week. He presumes that it the routine petty cat fight between his mom and wife. He freshens up and dinner is served in pin-drop silence. Throughout the night, Jacob sees Riyanna’s spirits were down.

Next morning Riyanna leaves even before Jacob wakes up. Jacob had decided to go late to compensate his late night working on the day before. He was getting ready to go to work and while he is searching for his socks, he finds the appraisal letter in his cupboard between the clothes, tucked very carelessly. He figures out the reason for Riyanna’s sadness. He puts the letter back and goes to work.

At night, after Jacob is back from work, he gets fresh and when supper is ready Riyanna serves supper for everyone and she sits down and all of them proceed to saying grace before they start having food. Jacob initiates the conversation asking Riyanna about her promotion and complains that she never told him a word. Riyanna is grave silent. Jacob congratulates her and says that this calls for a night out.

Beth interrupts reminding Jacob that Riyanna is a lady and she shouldn’t be earning more than Jacob. Beth also adds in her bold tone that, this thing ain’t happening in her house. There is silence and Riyanna’s heart sinks as there is no reply from Jacob. She confirms that the chance had passed.

As Jacob finishes his supper, he gets up and says to Beth,

“Mom, if that is your wish so be it. We will move out of here.”

He also reminds Beth quoting her example of raising him up beating all the odds in spite of being a woman. He adds that Riyanna deserved to have growth in professional life and this can’t be denied just because she is a woman. The look in Jacob’s eyes was firm and he had decided that he will not allow his wife to lose a golden opportunity like that in her career.

He turns to Riyanna and says,

“While you go tomorrow, leave early. Drop by at the real estate agents place and ask them to find us an apartment nearby our work place by the end of this month. We are moving out.”

He also confirms that she is taking up that job. As he leaves to watch TV, Riyanna gets their dishes done and runs straight back to the bed.

Her happiness knew no bounds and once again she is much more in love with Jacob. She starts dreaming of her new journey in life as she dozes off to sound sleep.


Image courtesy and credits : To respective owner

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