She stood at the corner of the room, as the old lady hurls abuses at her and her parents. She is too naive to bounce back at them. She rather chooses to listen it all, cursing her stars for not being rich and capable of anything.

What if my parents and my brother had not arranged my marriage and send me to this family? Was I such a burden to them? Was there an urge for an urgent marriage? Thoughts run in her mind as she sobs. She loses herself in thoughts and sits down to the ground, her back strongly supported against the wall.

She remembers the better times of her life, her childhood which was vibrant and colorful, those times when she was pampered much more than her siblings as she was the youngest. She was raised like a princess by her parents and they made her feel so until she was married to this place. Were those good days a compensation for being thrown into fire later?

As her thoughts begin to subside, she gets to hear the old woman again continuing the feat. This time the old lady has a company, her daughter alongside to provide support to the old, tired, abusing mouth of her mother. The husband enters the house, seeing and hearing his mother and sister gone wild. He pleads them to stop and tries to console his mother. He has some amount of alcohol running through his veins. Just the daily dose that he downs with his friends.

He pleads to them to stop. The mother unleashes it on him,

‘You are happy and you are married. What about the promised gold and money? I have a girl who is growing old day by day. I want to see her married. Do you have any concerns? You should send your crooked wife back home to her crooked parents and allow her only when they do what they promised to’

He again tells them to stop as he walks into his room. He finds his young wife sitting on the floor and crying her eyes out silently. He pats on her back and assures that everything will be alright before he crash lands on his bed and falls asleep.

She is still awake while there is a muteness as though after a war. Her thought process helps degrade herself further.

Days passed, months passed, a year passed. After a year and four months, today she is seen walking on the street towards her home holding her new born in her hands. This is the final repercussion of the year and half long abuses by her mother in law and sister in law. She is going with her new born back to her parents’ house to fetch the money promised by them. Sun ain’t showing any mercy on the new born; she had covered quite a few miles and still had a few to cover. She approaches her parents and her brother with a teary eye and narrates the incident. They make the money available in two days and delivers it to her husband.

The old lady is happy, her daughter is delighted and husband finally is in peace. They have won a year and a half long battle. Better late than never.

She wipes the tears off her cheeks as she jolts back to reality from the 27 year old memory and she smiles again as she sees her son tie the knot with his sweetheart and yes, without any dowry.



I hope you guys enjoyed the story. I know there are umpteen articles on this social evil called Dowry. This is just another attempt to draw your attention to this.

This social evil has cost us a lot of things, things like female infanticide, father’s disliking their daughter’s, suicides and even killings. We have seen huge decline in the feminine population in certain states of India.

I can only think that dowry was practiced in olden days as the bride was expected to serve her husband and his family only. They were not allowed to take up employment and earn for the family. Hence the father of the bride pays a small sum as a token for taking care of her daughter. It’s not too good an explanation but this is all I can come up with.

We say we will be a super power by 2020. Come on people, wake up and smell the coffee. How many of us has seen such social evils taking lives in a developed country? I would say zero. We are far from reaching a developed status with all these social evils.

It pains me to see that even educated people fall prey to it. This is one reason I doubt the education system in India. Are they able to impart right kind of knowledge to the youth? At least in rural India it’s a big NO.

It’s widely practiced and still fathers strive hard to earn for their daughter’s marriage in order to fulfill the social requirement. At least in Kerala I see this.

I have stopped arguing with people as I look defeated in the end. It’s not because social evil wins but I am bad at arguing. Some say my ‘in laws’ are rich and they give me and I don’t deny, what’s wrong with that? I don’t have an answer to it. But only a prayer that this social evil stops for good.


Image credits and courtesy: Found this image in Google, credits to respective owners


27 thoughts on “AN UPSTANDING CRIME”

    1. Hey Pranita,

      Thank you for your kind words. I feel honored. Glad you liked my article.

      Thank you for checking out my blog, hope to see you here again. 🙂


  1. It is really sad that people still give and take dowry even in today’s day n age. Only if we take an active stance in this would it ever stop. Even if it means refusing gifts and other things which are now a days voluntarily given by parents of the bride. Whether requested or given voluntarily, it is still dowry and it is wrong

    1. Glad you liked it. Every story should have a happy ending, so I had to end it this way hoping for the best. I am yet to go through your articles. Will do it soon-ish.


  2. Anoope sorry,pranitha hardly commented in my posts like this is a good post and all.but i am sure of one thing in my posts where ever she commented it is good it was here also i was sure this post will be good that was why i red this.i just thought since you like bikes and cars,your stories will be more about them.but you are a good writer and should write more things like this ok?
    regarding dowry i don’t know man if you ask me if i have the guts to not take dowry yes,but i have to earn a lot of salary for that.hope god gives me that.
    also like mohanlal says in one movie for sending such a lovely girl to your house you should give us money 🙂

    1. I hope Pranitha is right. Every post of your’s is good man, so is mine. It just depends on the mood we write. At the end of the day, it’s our creation ;D
      I like writing short stories. I started off with short stories. Earlier I used to write a bit long. Now due to time constraints I keep it really short.
      Dowry is really uncool man. I would always suggest you to stay away. Mohanlal said it right 🙂

      Thank you for reading my article man. Hope to see you here again.


    1. Yesterday I read The Bridge by you. Today I had this in line. Anyways thank you for the link.

      If you don’t feel good doing stories, you can try something else mate. Lot of options 😀


    1. Thank you for reading my post.

      Hope we see some change in the near future. Education should start right from home. I still remember lessons and morals imparted by my mother. Parents play the most crucial role I believe.

      Hope to see you here again 🙂


    1. Thank you for your kind words 🙂 I feel honored.

      I am also following you, I happened to glance by one of your article and it was beautiful. I will pass by your blog as and when I have time and surely give you a feedback.

      Happy blogging. Cheers

  3. This has caused a nostalgic view within me; I have read many literature in the past regarding forced marriages; the stigma attached on woman through aged traditional views and how many women in the real world face many dangers and hardships. This is was a beautiful read! Truly; you have captured the essence of reality in the world of women:)
    I look forward to reading more of your work!
    With much love

  4. Hello Zara,

    I am happy that you could relate my post with literature that you have read. I could capture it because this happens a lot in my country.

    I will try and live up to your expectations 🙂

    Thank you for passing by. Have a great day 🙂

  5. That’s a very true story – Still practised in my parts of India…But, Im delighted as there are still many people who belive that happiness lies not in injustice but it lies in giving happiness to the other 🙂 Cheers!

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