FIFA WC 2014

Gear yourselves up people, FIFA World Cup is here. Its that time of the year when I get super excited. Life seems to be good all of a sudden. I can’t wait for as I have been suffering from World Cup fever from the past few months.

Soccer was my very first obsession. Yes, even before motor world caught me off guard, I was swept off my feet by Soccer, it’s glam and it’s skill display. I started training for Soccer from the age of 7 or 8 and I stopped in between because my friends were all playing Cricket.

Of course, What did I expect? The whole of Bombay (then it was called so if I’m not wrong) was playing Cricket. Cricket had strict selection procedures in coaching camp unlike Soccer coaching which any Tom’s dick or Harry could go and play. That made me feel that Cricket is a very important game. A judgement I regret much.

In 2002 Fifa World cup, when Ronaldinho took the free kick some 45 meters away into the post when David Seaman was away, changed the whole perspective. I fell in love with Brazil that same moment. I know most of our people are Brazil fans or Argentinian fans. I am in love with them for the creative style of their play, the number of skilled players they have produced, their attacking, their short passes, their dribble and the list goes on and on.

From 2002, I have managed to watch every world cup till 2010. During 2010 wc, I pledged that I would get to watch the next world cup on my own LED 40 inch TV with pop corn in hand and cheering for my team. The pledge is far from being reality, leave alone LED TV I don’t even have a TV to watch the world cup. So I wish carry forward this pledge for the world cup 2018 in Russia. This time I am going to adjust with some cousin or friend or some sports bar (which would be my last resort for they part you off all your money).

Ronaldinho was and will be my favorite player of all time. I love his game. He is a creative footballer. It’s so disgustingly good that he can do so many things on the field live. I couldn’t even get the ball control right in the club matches due to the pressure.

It’s highly doubtful that Ronaldinho or Kaka’ would play but I wish they did. Anyways any of that doesn’t stop me from cheering Brazil.




I wish all the teams playing this world cup the very best and I wish the Brazilian team a glorious victory 😛

vamos lá Brasil….


Image courtesy and credits : Google and its respective owners


8 thoughts on “FIFA WC 2014”

    1. Brazil is filled with youngsters this time. Fingers crossed. Germany and Spain are strong as usual. Messi promises to make it big this time. Luis Suarez is someone on whom I would keep an eye on. Last but not the least CR7 is on a winning streak. Just need to do some jugaad for watching all the action 😛

      Happy World cup watching 🙂

  1. Anoope i am not that familiar with football like cricket.but i like messy and ronaldo.let the best win.
    check my blog after 9 i had didn’t go for job today.i used time to write poem.

    1. India promotes cricket and hence we are familiar with cricket. Even the national game hockey is unknown to most of us. I used to play hockey in high school but I opted out cos there were no proper protection and I would had injured my shin. I hope you are talking about Leo Messi and C Ronaldo 🙂 I too like them.

      Will check it out tonight. 🙂 Thanks for commenting. Cheers

  2. Anoope what a game we had Argentina vs Iran.Iran i thought iran would almost win.but this little man glueing that round ball to his foot a true magician once again saved them 🙂

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