Date a man who rides a Bullet
Cos he exemplifies maturity and understanding.
He knows life is not a bed of roses. Neither easy as a pie.
He knows it’s full of ups and downs,
And you may be left stranded on the road with a blown out fuse
or left in agony due to the leaking oil.

Date a man who rides a Bullet
Cos he loves being in the state of mellifluousness.
His heart beats to the rhythm of the thumps.
He appreciates and acknowledges the fact that,
Life is nothing but a systematic set of chimes.
All put together well can make it bright and white.

Date a man who rides a Bullet
Cos he is indifferent to panic attacks.
He knows that sometimes when green light flashes,
He cannot take off as he sees his bike go off.
There are impatient lads, choking the horns hard and loud from all the sides.
But he needs to be patient and he knows the fact that,
Haste can bear anxiety and no remedy.
He has a heart that can soak fear and fright.

Date a man who rides a Bullet
Cos he has hands and heart made of wrought iron.
He has disciplined a bull that is heedless and hostile to commands.
It is not the most unfeasible thing,
But let’s not deny that the art mastered, took hard work and perseverance.
Be rest assured that, his build and will would remain strong as steel.

Date a man who rides a Bullet
Cos he likes to take it slow and steady.
He is impervious to the rat race of life.
He knows his priorities, he knows his capabilities.
He reckons that the journey between life and death,
Is not worth setting ablaze running a race,
But it’s all about maintaining a steady flow,
To make peace with your mind, body and soul.

Date a man who rides a Bullet
Cos he is a true admirer of positives of life.
He is a man with regards than criticism.
Grateful and adequate for what he has,
Rather than in desperation and despondency.
Appreciating the little things that you do for him.

Date a man who rides a Bullet
Cos he will hold on to you till the end.
His inclination to you is more than infatuation.
He nurtures and withholds love and respect for something that he adores till the end.
You will be his zeal and zest, never to dwindle away into littleness.
A man known to worship his passion,
Can never leave his beloved mid journey.

Date a man who rides a Bullet
Cos he is still his mamma’s boy,
Respecting the old legacies and holding them close to the heart.
Yet not shy and sheepish.
He stands offbeat from the rest of the crowd






Dedicated by a Bulleteer to all the Bulleteer’s. Cheers 🙂 

10 thoughts on “DATE A MAN WHO RIDES A BULLET”

    1. Hello Abhilasha,

      Lovely bike it is…Appeals straight to heart once you start it. 🙂 Glad you liked the bike and the poem.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  1. Hello Anoop!
    Firstly, when I read this title of your poem I was left wondering that what made you think that you can write a poem on such a topic. I mean INCREDIBLE. I must say that you are one hell of a creative person. 🙂
    Secondly, going through your poem reminded me of a conversation I had four months back with a friend. She is in love with this bike. And I distinctly remember that she was the one among all my peers who boldly stated in the midst of the English class that she’ll date a guy who owns a Royal Enfield. Oh yes, the teacher excused her desire of a man with this bike. 😛 According to her, Bullet is the only motorbike which proves the masculinity of a man. And you have portrayed this fact very nicely. I am sure she will like your effort. 🙂
    Thirdly, the photograph you attached with your poem, is that your bike? It is amazing. 😀

    1. Hello Mamta,
      First of all, thank you for your beautiful comment. It makes me happy to know that you liked the little things I wrote. You made my day. Creative … Ahem Ahem call me weirdo. This poem is nothing but some of my experiences with the bike written shortly. I have another post also related to bullet in travel stories.

      It’s great to know that your friend is in love with this bike and hats off to her guts. I will be grateful if you could send her the link 🙂

      As you know, Kerala and Punjab are the places in India with highest number of bullet lovers. I don’t stay in India anymore but yes this bike belongs to one of my cousin in my family and I use it when I am in India:) And we have more than 3 bullets in our family with different cousin and I take turns in driving them all..Hehehe.. Glad that you liked the bike, will let my cousin know that his bullet has got a female fan 😀

      Thank you once again for your kind words, Mamta. Hope to see you here again 🙂


      1. You’re talking about liking your little thing? I loved it. 🙂 And no no! Weirdo is not the word for you. Call yourself a motorbike maniac perhaps. 😛 After reading your poem, the first thing I did was sending her the link. She, too, loved your piece. 🙂 And sir, you too got a female fan. 😀

    2. I guess you can call me a motorbike maniac 😛 Glad that your friend liked the post.

      Honoured to have a female fan like you 🙂

      Thank you Mamta. Take care.

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