I don’t know what to call this, a short story or my random writing or mere bullshitting … But this is from my imagination and has nothing to do with real life. I hope my employers are not reading this and even if they do, they don’t get too personal with this. 😛

In the field that I am working, it’s normal that once the project finishes and there is no sight of new project, they go ahead with off hiring people. The process is called termination-Getting rid of people. It’s a scary period for many and as I say this I am also a bit affected as we all have plans. So in short, there will be havoc and panic all over.

This is not the first time I am going through this kind of situation. In my previous company I had underwent the same situation and before they could pull my leg, I went on the front foot and found myself a new job and I left them for good. The same happens here, but this time I prefer not to try and leave this place for various reasons. Read below for the imagination part.

There is this guy called Mr. X who will be henceforth called ‘Terminator’ as he is the one who terminates the people. He is one among the human resources department of our company and he identifies who is required and who is not during this bad phase. The chosen one by the ‘Terminator’ will be terminated. As funny as it sounds, it could be scary. 😛

The Terminator is in contact with the head of the departments and he checks out the performance appraisals filled out by the heads to determine …..Who needs to be terminated!

The Terminator comes into the office with a list in his hand and just one letter of termination. Yes, you read it right the list contains several but only one letter. He calls the terminated one (or to be terminated one) to come over. The terminated one doesn’t know if it’s a salary increment or a termination until he receives it. He opens the letter to find that worst nightmare has come true. He is terminated by the terminator. No shotgun, no hand grenade or not even a knife, the terminator does it all with a mere letter.

The Terminator comes again the next day with another letter and repeats the feat. The next day with a couple of letters and repeats the feat. He drags on till all the heads he intend to chop off, are rolling on the floor. He feels like gladiator now, who has chopped off all the heads as he gives away the last letter.

The terminator checks and finds another letter in his bag, the last one with him. This can’t be true, I have already fired every single bird here, and then whom did I miss? He opens the letter to find his name in the letter. He runs back to his boss, the ‘Super Terminator’ and questions him on how this is fair?

The Super Terminator laughs out, and then in raucous voice says, ‘Why do we need a terminator when everyone is terminated? Hence you stand terminated!’ The terminator has no other recourse but to accept the fact.

I open my eyes with a smile, knowing that caffeine has affected my brains much. I get up and reach out to my coffee mug, and walk to the coffee vending machine to have another shot of caffeine to cool down my brain. I get the coffee and turn back to encounter ‘The Terminator’ who in inquisitive about my name and department….


PS : Please don’t have any bad feelings for the lead character of my above post. He is a very nice man. He was once questioned by someone on the how he feels to hand the termination letter to which he replied that, ‘No one can feel my pain cos I know they have a family back just like me.’ This post is purely my imagination.


EDIT : The terminator got terminated, so did many others. 😥



  1. Hahaa nice post anoop! It is really a sad sight when someone gets fired…..their families their dreams everything gets shattered
    Anyways awesome imagination u have!!!

    1. Hey Shivi,

      Nice to see you here again. I am glad you liked my post. Indeed very hard for many, actually most of them plan for 3-4 months in advance as far as I know. All in all its a bad situation.

      About my imagination, Idle mind devils workshop….:P 😛

      Thank you for your kind words. Take care. Cheers

      1. Yes anoop I totally agree!
        I must say,u have a great thing with words!
        And u are welcome…. My next post is coming up this evening.
        Take care you too.

  2. Though you’ve penned it quite satirically but the undertone is still there …of misery and hopelessness…Did he really behave in this way ? I mean one letter per day type ? That’s really sounds sadistice !

    1. Yeah…They did it one a day at the start 😛 The corporate world is weird.

      The person who did it had no choice, but to follow orders.

      Thank you for passing by and commenting. Hope to see you again 🙂

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