The evil lord’s child, beautiful as a lily
Her eyes sparkling black and curvy eyebrows to match,
Her hair silky smooth and stretches out till the knees
Grin so alluring, the strongest of man would find his knees tremble

Possessed by the tyrant as his special weapon
For he could loot and plunder the kingdom as he yearned
The greatest of warrior who desired to eliminate him
Found himself blinded by love, for the arresting beauty

Every warrior who fell for her, has glimpsed death in disguise
For bones shattered, blood evaporated, to turn him to mere ashes
This vicious deception, has shielded her maker
For she is the evil lord’s child, bound by duties to abide




The King of God sees and perceives, his feet drenched in tears
Soaked and surrounded by the prayers of grief-stricken
Decides to send his son
To seize the wicked tyrant and the enchantress

The lord finds a soul, lonely and sad
Decides to fortify her life with a grace
That would cheer her back
And restore the fortune of the kingdom as well

At the night fall, the lord in his human form
Sees her sound in sleep
Blesses her, for now she would be the mother
To bear his son

Raised by the villagers, conditioned by the warriors
The boy now a handsome young man
Ready to set the evil ablaze
On a mission that no man has accomplished

Gathered along the best men he got on the go
The men waited far as he walks into the trap
The enchantress seduces him, but fully aware
This could be her very end

The sparkle in his eyes screams his godliness
But she had vowed to protect
Her eyes invite him and her body wraps him
Soon he is absorbed into her

When she thought, the worst had passed
He glows within her, to set her on blaze
Her beauty and venom sees an end
The castle smashed to smithereens

The men who wait for him
March to the castle,
They behead the evil tyrant
Restore faith in lord and humanity

All hail and praise the lord and his son
For the race is free of terror and dread
While the soul of his son reaches heaven
The King of God feels proud and contended
His son has achieved that no man has ever dared.



16 thoughts on “THE SON OF GOD”

    1. Hello there,

      It was not meant to be a poem but the matter also didn’t qualify to be a story. Its just one of my random writings. Its not that complicated I think 😛

      The post might be shallow for your deep brains. 😀

      Thank you for passing by. Have a great day.

  1. anoope is this our jesus story from bible?anyway there was a bad guy(girl or evil),then to defeat her god grew a man in a mothers womb(like jesus),and finally evil is defeated.but in defeating her he also this the summary?sorry if that is not the case ok?

    1. Yes bro…:) You got it right.

      I haven’t read the Bible, so I am not sure if this is there in the Bible.

      Thank you for reading my post. Cheers 🙂

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