Sunshine and Versatile Blogger # 2 (yes the 2nd time)


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Again a nomination for the Versatile Blogger and Sunshine Award. This time its from the ‘not-so purrfect girl’ (jesus christ, that’s a tuff name). I wish to thank her for the kind gesture and I really feel happy for being nominated again.

To talk about her blog, it’s more of a celebration than a blog I feel. The moment you enter the blog you can feel yourself in a different world, created by her. I didn’t get a chance to go through all of her posts but as far as I went through, it was amazing. The writings are on smaller details in life which we often neglect. I would recommend her blog to anybody but beware , her smartness, liveliness and vibrant posts might sweep you off your feet.

Here is the link to her blog :  

Now I am going to break the rules of this award as I have already received one and hence it might be boring for you guys if I write a post on it again. I am also not comfy doing that.

I am just going to paste the link of the previous sunshine award and versatile blogger award below. I have already answered the questions and nominated people.

Link :


Thanks again Purrfect girl. It really means a lot to me.

Happy Blogging 🙂



Edit : I would like to create opportunity to a fellow blogger who would like to convey her gratitude to her fellow bloggers, let me nominate her for this award as I think this award is platform to recognize budding bloggers.

Here is me wishing her all the best.


12 thoughts on “Sunshine and Versatile Blogger # 2 (yes the 2nd time)”

    1. My fellow bloggers are being very kind to me. 😛

      Thank you princess for passing by. You guys are a great source of encouragement.


      1. Don’t sell yourself short, Anoop! This has more to do with the fact that people, like me, have been able to connect with you on a personal level through your blog and your interaction with us. You make a genuine effort in getting to know people through their blogs and this is definitely an outcome of that and not just people being kind and generous 🙂

    2. If you feel so I don’t deny that I am able to connect to people, reason being I love knowing about people and their problems. I should have opted psychology as my graduation and majors. Also another reason is I have experienced it all. I can very well connect to pretty much anything in life; vast life experiences living in different places, meeting different people, has helped. Having a good friend circle has also helped. Again grateful for your comment 🙂

      Have a nice time.

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