LIFE, MOOLAH etcetera ….

(This post might offend my readers, but please know that this is only a constructive criticism. This post is especially meant for my contrymen.)




India is one of the largest producer and exporter of ‘Engineers and other professionals’. You go to the busiest bus station / railway terminal in Chennai or Mumbai and throw a stone, it will definitely hit a dog or an Engineer.

I read the news some days back that a million Engineers struggling to get a job. That’s not a small number. Time has come for these Engineers to go out and get some job because the investment involved in the process of becoming an Engineer is not small pocket sized. I wonder what’s with the obsession of Engineering all about?

I have come across people who work for banks with their Engineering degree. Why on earth would you want to spend that money and be over-qualified and do a job which requires a basic degree and some extras? Why?

This post is not taking a dig at engineering alone. MBA graduates, god knows what’s the status but I am sure they should also be struggling. Medical students, I wouldn’t comment as there is an ever-increasing requirement for them. Politics, hell yeah, those affluent people who entertain themselves by beating the crap of other not so influential and innocents, ultimately reach there. We have people ever willing to do that.

Now look at the other side; Sports. Except Cricket no other sport is getting aid of any sort. Sadly from a population of 1.2 billion people, we cannot find 11 people to form a good football team. Hockey is a name that has never been heard since Dhanraj Pillay retired some years back. Olympic medal ranking of India is a joke. No perks or promotions from the govt. as usual.

Though these things are really sad, this is not my point. I wouldn’t be wasting my time commenting on politics and governance. Imagine govt. that doesn’t react to assaults on women after all these cry and hue, reading my post and taking action. That would be the best Bollywood (Indian film industry) script ever to be written. I don’t want to give them such a rough time. Rather this post is for Indian parents.

Let me start with a regional movie dialog:

When you are in school, you are persuaded to get good grades so that you can get into a good college. When you are in college, you are told to get good grades again so that you get a good job. When you get a good job, you are told to get married and settle in life. After you are married, you are advised to have kids before its late. Then comes your kids turn…

I feel sick and tired of hearing this over and over again people advise their kids. Indian education has been all about studying, getting grades and securing a job. No emphasis on entrepreneurship or other fields that may benefit the individual as well as nation.  Some things I have to say about this:

  1. Please grow up people. They are humans and blessed with brains. Let them worry about what they have to become after they are matured. Why the hell would you decide something that they themselves can do?
  2. The director for education had once commented that out the total engineers that come out only 30%-40% of the lot are employable.
  3. Forcing your children to get a great job so that you don’t have to be bothered later, isn’t that selfish? Killing the dreams of someone for your good and creating a back up for later is mean. That’s not termed love, it’s termed exploitation of relationship.
  4. Rather than aiming to make your children rich, how about making them successful. The only way to do that is to find out what they do the best and encourage and train them in that.

Let me take a moment to draw your attention to scenarios of other countries. You see everything is in a balance there. There are musicians, sportsmen, IT professionals and farmers. Everything is in balance, which is sadly not the case in our country.

As parents it would be the best if you can guide your children to become bold to face the society, teach them what’s right and wrong, help them be successful and motivate them that should be more than fine. Let your children follow their heart and let the country benefit as they get benefitted.

Before I stop, imagine Sachin Tendulkar singing a song and Michael Jackson playing cricket. Won’t look good right?


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22 thoughts on “LIFE, MOOLAH etcetera ….”

  1. Absolutely you are right Anoop …. :)……. Here youngsters are taught to live in secure life…no risk at all…do degree if u dint get job, elder’s suggestion go for teaching…the one for whom teaching is just only choice left , imagine how he will make his students way???….politician son uses his father money and status to become one more culprit politician…………we are never thought to take risk, strive hard to excel!!!!………..

    1. Hello Ashmii (I like to call you by this name :D, I think I have named you this.)

      Thank you first of all for voicing your opinion. Trust me if I pass this around, I would get a million comments on this. I am a 100% sure about that. People never realize that life is all about taking risks and doing things we like.

      Have a great day.

      1. Hmmm Yeah u have given me a very beautiful name Anoop :)…….. Yeah you are right this post will get millions of reply!!!!!!!

  2. The day we realise that we as a parent are nurturers and guide..I guess things will be different….parenting is natural but the skill can be acquired with an open mind through life experiences…but let’s not make our child either a guinea pig for sake of our apprehensions or yet another rat in the rat race.

    1. Hello Chaitali,

      Thanks for reading and voicing your opinion. I know you are a mother and you will do parenting better than many out there. My suggestion would be to observe your kid and get to know his passion and then slightly give him the required support.

      Let me quote this for you. This is about my friend’s cousin in his childhood. Whenever he was given a glass of milk, he would drink that place the glass on the ground and kick it. Later he went on to play for Air India football club and various other clubs in India. He became a professional footballer. I can’t reveal his name due to personal reasons.

      Have a great day 🙂

  3. Creative writing, table tennis player, singer – all given up just because there is no financial security, or its not a steady job or the best one – I may not be that one in a million to actually “make” it!

    1. Hello humorous gal 🙂

      You are one in a million that couldn’t make it, so am I. I don’t know why I felt that many of my blogger friends might actually relate to this, and I was not wrong.

      I also used to play table tennis (not professionally of course) and trust me we will have a singles match one day, and I will beat you fair and square..buhahaha..:D The rest needs talent so I have never tried.

      Thanks for passing by, keep your spirits and talents alive. God bless 🙂

  4. Awesome post (as usual)..
    The day I said my mom and dad, that I am not interested in neither engineering nor medical, they were shocked but being a pretty adjusting parents hey asked what I wanted to do.. I presented a long list of “dreams” that I know I am good at, and they seem to now go along with me now… But, the biggest pain is explaining the “society” that my “dreams” are also “jobs” …
    You know one thing I don’t understand? SRK , is the second richest actor, in the world.So, we have enough money in our pockets to make SRK “what he is” , but not develop the country (and it’s thoughts ) …

    1. I knew it Powerpuff gal that you are not a loser. You are a superhero 😉

      Trust me I am really happy for you. I am sure you will outshine very well in life.

      Out of curiosity, you mind sharing what you do ? You can always ignore this question if you are uncomfortable.

      I have been wonder about your last lines. Seriously I couldn’t find an answer. India is a land of weirdo’s is what I think 😀

      Cheers gal 🙂

      1. 😀
        I wanna make it big in the animation industry!! I have my eyes set on becoming a youtuber ( most probably , it will be associated with my blog! ), photographer, designer, film maker, singer, pianist, writer ( prepared the sketch already!) and more and more and more!!!!!

        At present, I make short films!!!

    2. Oh lord, that’s a huge list. I can imagine the plight of your parents when they heard you shower your list. 😀

      Wish you luck, make it big and make us proud. 🙂

      1. Indeed, my parents were shocked! I really wanna get into a large scale animated movie before the age of 27! You see I have very huge plan running inside my head 😀 !!

    3. That’s cool. At least you have an aim. I am sure you will reach higher than what you aimed. 🙂 It’s a great thing to have a plan in place. A thing which I and many others lacked during that period 😦

      My wishes and prayers with you. I hope that I will see your message and I will definitely go and watch that movie with pride. 🙂

  5. Totally agree with you, Anoop! Its sad how every child is expected to be an Engineer, Doctor and now-a-days an MBA holder. It makes no sense. There engineers doing non engineering jobs, doctors who’ve become one because of parental pressure and probably got through college thanks to generous donations by their parents. When people are forced into critical jobs like that of a doctor, the outcome is nothing short of scary.
    The whole mindset of school-college-job-marriage is one that really needs to change. People young and old can not comprehend why anyone would chose to deviate from that. There are so many things that need to change at a grassroot level in our country, I only hope it happens soon. Real sad state of affairs in our country today.

    1. Hello Princess,

      I hope you are keeping well.

      Really sad that this happens even in 21st century. I hope things will get better with this generation at least.

      Thanks for passing by 🙂


  6. I think you read my mind Anoop! I have just passed my 12th grade. And being a non-medical student I HAD to appear for all those engineering competitive examinations. I told my parents beforehand that I’m not interested in attaining a BTech degree at all. Still I was made to give the exams because if I won’t then ‘Sharma uncle kya kahenge’, ‘Kapoor uncle kya sochenge ki tumhe kuch nahi aata’, ‘Joshi uncle ko kaise samjhayenge’. That’s the plight of Indian students now-a-days! And being a science student, I applaud you for writing something so truthful 🙂

    1. I think you are one among the 100’s of us. Trust me. Do what you like. It will free you of many troubles later.

      Thank you so much for encouraging me 🙂 I am glad that I could relate to many of us through this post.

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