The Sliding Window

Rex was seen sitting on the space next to the sliding window. It was hours of darkness and only things visible are the smoke from the burning tobacco in his cigarette and the pervading darkness all around.  His eyes see a different view though well planted in the darkness.

As his cigarette nears its end, he looks at it and drops it down. It meets the other dozen of cigarette butts lying on the floor. He looks back to affirm that there was some more whisky left in the bottle, next to the half a dozen of sleeping pills.

He walks back and refills the empty glass with more alcohol and pours it down the throat. He lights another cigarette and back to the window. His view through the window differed tonight. A bit scared to sleep permanently but the remorse was badly haunting him. Even the thought of his wife Jonita and his son couldn’t persuade him to live further.

Jonita and the kid were at her parents place and would continue to be there hopefully for another couple of days. Her father, a textile exporter was doing well in life but sadly that won’t be the case after a couple of weeks. If Rex’s inherited property saw its means to an end in a huge gamble, his in-laws factory is going to see its end due to share market fluctuations. He started swearing his wife’s idea of lending her father’s helping hand to enter into share markets. The loss was of millions and the property was the collateral.

Before he finishes his cigarette he goes back to the table and strips the tablets one by one. He bangs them slowly but carelessly to fine dust and drops it into the alcohol bottle and shakes the bottle hard.

He sits on the easy chair a bit skeptical, he sure was going to miss his little one but alas this was an irretrievable situation.

The morning sun illuminated the room. The brightness spread in through the sliding window, but Rex seems to be lost in his deepest nap where he could fantasize making big money and conquering the world.

‘The three-quarter empty whisky bottle, heap of cigarette butts and powdered sleeping pills lying on the table and floor would hopefully tell it all to Jonita.  But I still wonder what I would tell her if she is still not convinced’, pondered the sliding window.


25 thoughts on “The Sliding Window”

    1. My territory was always short stories, gal it’s you who invaded my territory and made me feel insecure and made me write about other things about life too (for which I am grateful). Now we both have no territories 😀

      Thanks for passing by. 🙂

      1. There’s a difference between reading and writing a novel dude. I will write one someday that I assure you. Right now I am working on a film script with a friend 🙂

      2. I know. I was just motivating you. Reading I can also do 😀

        Film Script. Aap toh koi aur hi level mai hai.. 🙂 But glad you are doing something creative. Wish you luck.

      3. Haha..yeah we both are movie buffs and this friend of mine knows people in the industry so one juicy script is all we need to write 🙂 hope we make it! Thanks for your wishes!! 😀

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