(Please read the below note before you read this post)


As I go through my office drudgery,

Mundane as ever life can be, Morale as low as the pacific fathom,

He comes in as a silver lining,

A special colleague who was nothing less than a bliss

Our laughs got the chief’s fuming

His knowledge on talkies delightful

Recollection of facts and figures left me fascinated

Amigo, as I bid adieu, let me tell you

More than words I have enjoyed these days in your company

Discussions, mimics and little puns we shared

Today, when I look over my desk

To find a void desk in front, it does pain me somewhere

To realize that all the laugher and argument

Has seen an end, but this weariness must go on

I comprehend the fact that you need to leave

You have a great life ahead

And wherever you go, you shall be the best.


Note : Read the post for better understanding.


20 thoughts on “THE VACANT SEAT”

    1. Hello Ashmii 🙂

      Hope everything is fine in your world. Thank you for your kind words. I will try to live up to your expectations in the future also 🙂

      Have a great day.

      1. Beat up your yesterday’s limitation Anoop that’s like beating up entire world!!!…….. Yeah everything is good with me!!!.. Thank you 🙂

    2. Hey Ashmii,

      Limitations beat me up 😀 😛 (just kidding)

      Thank you again, and glad to know you are doing well. 🙂


    1. Hello there,

      I’m unsure whether we will meet again in another company, but lets hope so and if we do anytime, I will surely leave a reply here 🙂

      Thanks for passing by 🙂 Have a great day.

    1. Hello Mani 🙂

      Thank you for passing by, really means a lot to me.

      Actually I think if you liked my recent posts then you might like my older posts even better, cos I have put more efforts on them. 🙂

      Thanks again for passing by, a great writer visited my blog…*jumping with joy* 😀

      Have a great day.

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