The sting of my attack
Weakened by their powers
They never fail to take me down
One on the left and one on the right
Leaves me in pain, tears fall out

I crumble, I crawl, I try to move on
But the pain makes me feeble and bare
Strong enough to wind me up
Still they take turns, only to leave me grounded

Each of them annihilates me
Inch by inch, day by day
To their mercy I live
Every single day

Following me wherever I go
Making sure that I fall behind
Lucky to have escaped now and then
For their savage can’t be beaten by my strength

Depression, Frustration, Sadness
Loneliness, Anxiety, Worthlessness
Together or alone they come
To torment me and pin me down



14 thoughts on “THE FOE”

  1. Profound one Anoop……….

    Life is sometimes a tough struggle to win over, You will enjoy the triumph ……move ahead fearlessly is possible for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hello Ashmiiii..

      Having a friend like you makes me strong 🙂

      Thank you for passing by and posting your views, means a lot to me.

      Cheers (y)

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