Oh mother’s son…Don’t die today

Surrender your soul

To the glory of the rays

Allow the gleam to wipe away

Tears sorrows


Oh mother’s son … Don’t die tonight

Night still young and beautiful

Tonight, glimpse the wonderful waves of

Luminescence scattered everywhere

Existence incumbent


Oh mother’s son … Don’t die tomorrow

Who has seen the day after today?

For it has the ability to

Bear fruits of happiness, joy and contentment

Hopes laden


Oh mother’s son… Don’t wish death

Life dwells and thrives on hope

And hope flourishes with life

Life renowned to award despair

Harrowing existance


PS : Image free Google search, credit respective owner. Dedicated to people who put their life to unwanted risk. Inspired while I was on the road and found people jumping in front of the speeding traffic. 


14 thoughts on “WISHFUL THINKING”

    1. Hello Ruchi 🙂

      You can say that it’s written in a survivor POV 😛 This is 20 mins of joblessness 😀

      Thanks for checking out and commenting. Have a great day.

  1. A beautiful thought… My grandmother used to always say, “If you live you can see thousands of beautiful things, so always wish to live, be alive… don’t wish for death”…

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