The Train – Some lines are never forgotten




 The slow pace with intervening sudden jolts, quick acceleration sometimes,  constant pace some other times.

 Swarms of birds, trees and electric transmission lines passing by as fast as heart rate.

 Sometimes greeted by huge tunnels, sometimes by small waterfalls and water bodies, sometimes by python like bridges.

 At some places it rains, at some others it may be humid and some other places may await us with pleasant weather conditions.

 The gentle swaying and the constant reverberations sending me to peaceful, deep sleep for hours together.

 The twilight sun through the metal windows light on my eyes for a gentle wake from the deep sleep.

 The unpleasant odor from the compartment and washrooms, filled with dirt.

 The faces of the fellow passengers, some friendly , some unaccommodating, some even-handed.

 Side- lined for hours sometimes, or side-lining others some other times.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _

Journey’s lasting for 2-3 days. A compartment full of people which can have some good friends and good looking girls amidst.

Journey’s where I could breathe fresh air from various places of my country.

Journey’s that deprived me of seeing some places, as they would be resolute on arriving at night (Madgaon)

Journey’s that made me fall in love with some places because of its lush greenery and beautiful names (Ratnagiri). Places which I long to go even today.

Journey’s that never tested my patience as I had people all around me waiting calmly, to reach their destination which is even further away than mine.

Journey’s that gave me great travel friends like Renjith, Johnny, Seema, Rajeshwari, Manjula, Sherin, the twins – Jincy and Maxie and other people whom I cannot recollect. The people whom I have great time with for a couple of days and people whom I will never meet again.

Journey’s that presented me with great delight at the end, to see my native station in front of my eyes, after a long travel.

Journey’s of which return leg faded away from my memory.

Journey’s, of which when I think of, makes me revisit my childhood.

Journey’s powerful enough to remind me, lack of them means I am no more a child.


Interstate train journeys have been one of those bliss in my childhood, a place where I would never be afraid to socialize or find happiness. I would do a variety of things like play portable brick video games, read story books, look out of the windows for a long time, sleep in the lap of my mother and run around in the whole compartment as if it was owned by my father 😛 Everyone perfectly happy, each and every person had 3 days to spare. Air planes were not in fashion and not even in emergencies. That was a world of middle class people 🙂 


21 thoughts on “The Train – Some lines are never forgotten”

  1. Oh so true! And, talking about journeys, you from kerala right? I remember reading some post about kerala, now can’t find it!

    I am traveling to kerala in december, super duper excited!!!! Yippie! Any tips? 🙂

    1. Yup…Basically a Keralite 🙂

      What are your plans for places to visit in Kerala? If possible don’t miss the house boat, but not being from that place can prove a bit expensive, also it is also the tourist season, but I think you will enjoy the ride through the back waters. Plenty of places to visit. Lemme know your agenda and will give you some links that will guide you.

      Also feel free to use my mail id, in case you don’t want to share your travel details here 🙂


    1. Just the title 😦 (just kidding 😛 ) The title is similar to a Bollywood movie title, so that’s not actually me, credits to them 🙂

      Thanks for commenting 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Nostalgic post 🙂 I too have many such precious memories with my train journey. your post has made me smile number of times, thanks for that, simple lines,very refreshing post. Diff perspective here, like contrast but both merged so well & title is apt. Good wishes.

  3. You just made me so nostalgic 😥madgaon to Mumbai …..Goa to Karnataka …along the western ghats….and the chai wallahs…how can you forget the platform chai 😃😃

    1. Ohh yaar, I missed that 😦 Thank you for pointing that out. Actually in childhood, my parents would pack food and not allow me to have anything from outside, but swarms of people selling tea and samosa’s, vada pav is still fresh in my eyes.

    1. Hello Princess,

      Thank you for your cute comment. Made my day 🙂

      I don’t think anyone will now appreciate it, then it looked perfect. Life and times have changed a lot now, don’t know how it is to travel now.

      Glad to see you back here. Have a great day.

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