Cry of  the heavens
Often perceived as
Smile of the nature

Standing on the cliff
Crying out my grief
I pray to thou
For grief must meet relief

I position myself tonight
On the highest cliff in my sight
My eyes bleed, my heart in batters
Thou apprehend my soul’s pain
Weep my sorrow along with me

How great of thee, O lord
Who grieves even at my grief!
For I am worthy of none

My tear-stained cheek
Smells blood and salt
Heaving my head up to thee
To see downpour from above

Droplets from heaven fall on my lids
Purity of which cleanses my heart
It washes away dirt and pain
Restores every good again
Leaving me and the nature yearning for more

Thou art great, O lord
For your tears are refined
And they epitomize
Compassion, Love and  Life

Pic credit : Google search, credit to respective owner.


17 thoughts on “RAINSSS….”

  1. HeyLo Anoop!

    A wonderful, magical, soulful poem !!!

    I have always admired rain. Almost every special moment in my life has happened while it was raining!! Rain is a part of me, it always elates me!!

    Keep writing awesome poems!!

    1. Heylo Perfectgirl 🙂

      Thank you for your encouragement, you made my day. I hope rain continues to fill your life with joys, just like it fills up railway tracks of Mumbai with plenty of water 😀

      Have a great day 🙂

      1. Sadly, where I am living in rain is “playing hard to get” 😦 . Even if it rains it’s just for 5 min… Hope rain starts soon here!!

      2. In the place I live, it might rain 1ce or 2ce a year, not more:(

        I also hope it rains at your place soon 🙂

  2. ANooP Amazing post, loved it, poignantly expressed the pain, longings & divine interventions with Rains.
    Rains, just an extended part of my creativity 😀 😀 Keep dancing on the tunes of Rains & keep us mesmerized with lines like-Leaving me and the nature yearning for more….:-)

    1. Hello Ruchi,

      Nice to see you here. You rightly mentioned it, rain is usually my prey 😛 So much to write about it.

      Glad that you liked my post and will try to live up to your expectations 🙂


      1. ANooP you are weaving poetry 🙂 too good, waiting for ur next post,Keep preying on your passion, it gives great results 😀 😀 Good Wishes.Cheers to Life.

    2. Thank you for your cute comment 😀 It really made my day.

      To be really frank, it was couple of hours of thought by a jobless mind 😀 Let me try and make my mind jobless again 😛

      Again ty so much for your encouragement, means a lot to me.

      Have a blessed day 🙂

      1. ANooP I am also very Happy to learn that my words made you smile 😀 😀 so keep up this smile & spirits & pen down more amusing lines for all of us.
        LOL I can relate with this joblessness too, do keep writing as I knw for those its a passion how it feels, I feel Divine & detox wen I write Good Wishes.

    1. Zara,

      An appreciation from you means a lot to me 🙂

      Thank you for passing by and commenting, I hope to see you here again 🙂


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