42 days – Part 4

(Please read the post https://anooppillaiz.wordpress.com/2014/07/28/42-days-part-3/ before attempting to read this)



In the next couple of days, she gave her internship a closure, collected her certificate from the campus and visited Mr.Mathur’s family and mentioned about her plans to leave after a couple of days. Paying the rent for the place for these days, she also bought Mr.Mathur’s daughter a good novel to read as a gift. She expressed her gratitude to the family and mentioned how blessed her days in India were.

She started packing on the 41st day after informing her parents about her return the next day.

That night, her calling bells rang to her surprise. It was Anand, who had come to pay her a visit. She was struck by a thunder bolt but then it was a good one. She hoped to meet him so that she could say good bye to him also. She always thought that it wouldn’t be good, if it was otherwise. She was happy that things happened as she wished.

She opens the refrigerator and gets a bottle of juice and pours it into two glasses. That is the last thing left in her refrigerator. She goes back to the room where he was sitting. Anand stood gazing out of the window, very much lost in thoughts.

‘Here you go.’ she said. He smiles back at her, and this was for the first time Priya saw Anand smile. She hands over one of the glass to Anand and holds the other one for herself. They both finish their drink and he continues,

‘How was your project work?’

’It was great, so were the people involved.’

He stops there and keeps the glass back on the table. She picks the glass up and walks back to kitchen, leaves it there and she walks back. Now she sees a small casket held in his hand. He holds the casket in front and asks her to take it.

‘What is this?’ was her obvious question as one would expect.

‘This is something I bought for Betty years back, a small gold chain. I wasn’t able to give it to her and I didn’t want to give it to anyone. Now I feel you should have it, before you leave our place.’ he says in a hoarse tone.

Saying so, he places the little box on the table. She looks at him but he is as calm as ever though he might have an ocean of thoughts running in him.

‘I guess I should leave now. My mother would be waiting for me back home. Happy journey and all the best.’

He walks past her in a slow pace, reaching for the door then walking past the door and finally shutting the door.

She couldn’t utter a word for a minute. She was really blown away by his gesture, and never thought that he had such a soft side to him. He opens the little box to find a thin golden chain. Tears fill up her eyes as she takes the chain in her hands. It was beautiful and she felt sad that the chain couldn’t reach its intended owner. She takes it to her room and wears it to find it sparkling around her neck.

The next day, she leaves bidding farewell to her apartments and soon days in India were going to be memories. Getting emotional in between, often the reason being the wheatish toned guy who maintained stubble with a well built physique. She managed to reach the Airport and get the check in done. Finally she reaches the designated seat in the air plane. She thinks to herself of what she is talking back from the country.

’Internship certificates, 42 days spent independently in India, a bag full of memories and of course a necklace that is a reminder of true love.’



The End


30 thoughts on “42 days – Part 4”

    1. Hello Perfectgirl 🙂

      Actually I started off writing short stories, my starting posts were all short stories. Just that I gave up writing them for the lack of time. Poems and other posts are much easier to compile, but stories are lot of work.

      Glad you liked my work. Will write a story again some day. But the wait will be long 😛 he he he *devilish smug look*


    1. Hey there,

      The story is about the girl alone. The guy is just a supporting character, meant to break heart 😛 😛

      Seriously I also wonder where he is!!! *scratching my head*

      Thank you for reading and commenting. Hope to see you here again 🙂

      1. Yes in India, of course..or every girl should be a boxer 😛

        Most of my story genre is a -ve one, one’s in which there is separation in the end. They should have been together, but life is not simple you know 😛

        If you have time and like my stories, read the beginning posts of mine. There are a couple of stories which I reckon are good. 🙂

        Thank you for reading my post, its a great encouragement 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Naveen 🙂

      I am really glad you liked my post. I am writing a bit length story after a long long time. I have been writing stories but I had quit writing long ones.

      Your encouragement means a lot to me 🙂

      Thanks again bro!

    1. Hello humorous gal 🙂

      First of all, where the hell are you? My posts feel so incomplete without you reading them, you were one my first blogger buddies here. Come on, go back and read all of my posts..Yes this is an order. 😛 I hope you are not serving your firm too hard 😀

      I am glad that you were able to read this one, cos this is an attempt after long long time and I am more happy that the story kept you glued all the time 😀 Guess I am not a bad writer. Hmm..May be you could give me a chance to write a story in your second book. 😛

      Thanks for passing by, even when you are so busy. Means a lot to me.

      Have a great day.

      1. I know yaar I have been out of this wordpress world since the last couple of weeks…don’t get time only to read others blogger’s posts…I will catch up to them soon though 🙂 you will have to spare me on poems cos you know I don’t understand jack in them 😛 fiction and rants are my favorites 🙂 keep writing yo!

    1. This is 😦 By now the guy must have grown his beard and must be drinking on the same beach 😀

      Actually I never thought of the guy much as this story was completely about the young lady. I guess I am better than RaGa in women empowerment 😛

      Thank you friend for passing by and reading whole of it. As I said it means a lot to me as I am writing a lengthy one in a very long time.

      Hope to see you here again soon.

      Wishing you and your family a great time 🙂

    1. Ha ha…Noted 🙂

      By the way he is got some amount of fans here…sheesh 😛

      And yes, I started off with fiction and I always enjoy writing fictions, but you know time concerns 😦 But yeah..will surely try.

  1. Really enjoyed reading this, Anoop! You had me hooked from the first word. I’m glad your story ended the way it did, though I’m sure most people, like me, would have expected Anand to turn up at the airport, or even the seat next to her in the flight, just like in our beloved movies. Great that you gave it a more realistic touch. Hoping to read more stories from you soon. Cheers 🙂

    1. There is being optimistic, pessimistic and being realistic. I belong to the last class cos I know no miracle can happen and if the boat has sailed, it has sailed for good though most of us like to believe otherwise.

      It had to end this way princess, Anand is a very strong guy emotionally and I wouldn’t let him down by making him go through a drama. 🙂 Still it’s a happy closure I guess.

      Thanks for your encouragement. I would work on a story again. Cheers gal 🙂

      1. Very smart 😛 hehe

        There is a theory behind moving on time, you know it takes 1/4th of the time that you spent in a relationship to move on from the break up is what they say. This is what I read somewhere, don’t know how true it is. 🙂

        Have a great day.

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