Lying lifeless on my bed

Only willingness being turning my head

Lost the count of days

That has been spent

In inanition, but awake


No longer am I aware

If my car still awaits my arrival

Or has it gone dead


Wake up, feed me with some oat

Urges my body

Stay rooted on the bed

Urges my mind


Caught in this dilemma

Twisting my head

To the farthest corner of the room


My vision intrigued to

A dark patch, my door and

A thin ray of light from the pin hole


In a different slant

I see red light coming in

In another slant

I see tangerine orange


That little ray of light

Through the small hole afar

May it be my reason

To stay wake and afloat


17 thoughts on “INERTNESS”

    1. Hello Chaitali,

      I was wondering that you were missing, and then you prove me wrong 🙂

      Thank you for your comment, as always you guys are a great inspiration.

    1. Perfectly jobless mental disorder 😀 That’s what I think 😛

      Thank you little crazy girl, who thinks she is a devil but who is a little naughty angel in disguise.

      1. Hahaha…you will when you have a lot of experiences in life, definitely you will be way better than me 🙂

        how much time would I take to decode your identity. Not much I guess 😀

      2. Ahh ” The Experiences” .. I am seriously waiting for those!!! *getting ready with my ninja dress* 😀

        Thanks for calling me smart… But let me tell you , I am not smart , just a little too crazy .. 😛

  1. May it be my reason

    To stay wake and afloat
    whoa 🙂 loved these lines, u have made me think-about my creative inertia 😀 😀
    Keep writing friend! Good wishes

    1. Ha ha …

      Glad to know those lines made you think a bit, that’s the sole aim you know 😛

      Thank you friend for your support.


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