In School:

3rd grade – I joined the summer coaching camp for football. It didn’t make any sense or mean anything to me. I don’t even remember, but my best guess is that it should have been my mother who was behind this.

4th grade– Again I go this year for the summer holidays coaching camp for football. I was not interested much as cricket ruled the roost.

5th grade – Stopped coaching football as I couldn’t love football as much as cricket. I quit to join cricket coaching which I couldn’t because many aspired to be cricketers and it was full

9th grade – Love for football blooms again.

10th grade – Starts football again, but couldn’t make it to my school team. They were fine without me. Parents warn me that I should be studying hard, I still carry on with football though I had to make that happen by not attending the extra tuition classes sometimes 😉

11th grade – Started playing for the team, though I am at a different place than before.

12th grade – Parents bash me up for taking interest in sports actively, it’s that time of life when I should be studying hard. They had a point, India doesn’t promote football and I was not that great that I could make it to Indian team.  I play couple of matches in School and clubs but I seriously know that I need to get better

In College:

1st year – Plenty of national level players and league players in the college team, lucky to be practicing with them I thought.  Ragging in between or after the practice by the senior students became common. But who cares!

2nd year– Nutrition was on low side, weight dropped but still could somehow manage 90 mins.

3rd year – Gym and football take places in life. Again how protein rich and nutritious can college mess be? I think I used to skip at least 3-4 meals every week.

4th year – Beginning of the academic year, I have a serious knee injury while practicing football. Doctors confirm that I have torn all the ligaments and dislocated my knee. I have to quit football and this thing would end up in surgery.  The following year, I underwent a major surgery and a lot of hassles.





I see an ad from a local amateur football club. How about trying out again? Long time after the accident, must have healed.

I go, I try and I tear my ligaments again. Oh not again!

I realize I am too old for the sport and hence I decide to hang my boots forever.  Football, I quit, for you were never meant to be mine. You gave me tons of pains and I will let you go today without any regrets, for I have tried hard as humanly as possible and failed.

Good bye football. Younger, new and better players shall find you!!!


25 thoughts on “HANGING MY BOOTS”

  1. Hello Buddy! nice reminisces.Now it can be played for recreation.I loved basketball to its core & I am not pro but enjoy a game or two often with family or sometimes alone 😀 😀

      1. Thanks ANooP, but I don’t play good at all LOL
        It’s just stress buster for me, trying to catch up with things which I missed for a decade 🙂 like sports & swimming.

  2. Hey Anoop,

    I know it’s so hard to let you the most loved thing but few things/people we have to let go otherwise we became stagnant water!!!!!!…….wounds are meant to heal, time will heal the pain…….Try other way to be behind shadow lover of football, if you get hurt being such leave that also, inculcate something which fills that space of heart and kills the respective time!!!!

    Good luck Anoop!

    1. Hello Ashmii,

      Thank you for the comment. Ya, somethings need to go and something else will replace it for sure.
      I guess I will play FIFA PC games to fill the space 😀

      Have a great day 🙂

      1. School friends wedding over the weekend! Lots of fun!!

        I read your story – I am a bit sad you know.. I know its practical and all.. But I always wanted to believe I am not a fairytale kind of person, turns out, I was wrong! Is it Hindi movies messing up with my mind??

      2. Ohh…Really glad to know that you had some fun. School friends wedding is not a bad place to have fun, lots of old friends…Isn’t it?

        I am also not sure if this was a proper ending. Hahaha..Bollywood movies sure mess up our mind. Hope I am made to write a couple of Bollywood movie scripts in the future 😛 *optimistic smile* 😛

      3. Well, in this case, not many migratory birds (friends gone away from India) returned for the wedding! I happened to be the sole witness out of our gang of 5! Fun anyways..

        And yeahh.. U go on.. write a script.. I might go about boasting “know that scriptwriter of movie ‘a perfect song’? He follows me on WP!!” hahaha!

      4. Hahahaha… It would be too optimistic to write a script. If I do so, then you will beaten up by the public for knowing me, cos thats how good the movie will be 😀

        Glad to know that you could witness the event.

    1. May be yeah, but can’t deny the fact that I am old enough 😀 Ligaments once torn is impossible to repair.
      But yeah may be for myself, I can continue in a very small way.

      Thank you so much, feels great to be surrounded by good people 🙂

      Have a great time!

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