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Nila woke up by a gentle touch of Rahul on her forehead. He asks her if there is something to eat as he can’t find anything in the Refrigerator. She confirms that there is nothing and she was asleep hence she didn’t enter the kitchen. He cursed his stars for being with her and walks out of the door.

She looks at the clock and it’s already late. She decides that she is not going to the call centre today. She gets up and does her chores and again sits on the chair in her bedroom. Again memories unfold in front of her.

She remembers how Rahul used to come to her place.   

Rahul’s mother being a socialite got introduced to the people there and Nila’s mother was one of them. She herself used to do some social activities. They were good with each other soon and since most of the days Rahul’s parents wouldn’t be home till late night, Nila’s mother would take pity on the lad and sometimes would tag him along with her, home. Her industry was very close to Rahul’s place. She had a special love for the kid.

Her father though had warned Nila that they should be friends and nothing more, to which Nila nodded. He always tried telling to Nila’s mother that bringing that lad would disturb Nila and her studies but she thought that they could help each other in getting the school works done and if possible learn together.

Nila never showed any special affection for the guy, though many girls in the school loved to spend time with him. He would also not disappoint them. Since his parents weren’t home, he would have football practice and then he would go out with his friends whenever possible.

At Nila’s place, Rahul used to fool around and mess up her room. They used to catch up small fights and then Rahul would go back to doing his homework’s if any. Later he used to persuade Nila to do his homework’s as he was tired from the football practice, but in vein.

Annual sports day came and it had events like football and athletic meets. 8th, 9th and 10th grade would compete among them for the football tournament. Rahul led his team to victory against the 9th and 10th grade. He was noticed by everyone. Nila was amazed as she used to always consider that Rahul boasted about football. But that day proved her wrong. As usual, Nila won the long jump and triple jump events.

Later on, one of those days when he was genuinely tired due to the football practice, he asked Nila if she could help him get the homeworks done as his muscles were sore. She angrily nodded though smiling inside. She made him sit beside her and asked him the steps to solving math problems. Whenever he would go wrong, she used to make fun of him and explain him the right method. Before leaving that night, Rahul congratulated her on her long jump and triple jump medal. He told her that he was amazed and she should trying going for other meets that are organized outside the school. She felt very special to hear that from him, though again she managed to hide it cleverly in her.

Days passed and 8th grade came to a closure. Final exams were conducted and holidays were declared. Rahul along with his parents were going on a vacation for some days, while Nila was to spend her time with her grandparents.


(To be continued)


6 thoughts on “A PERFECT SONG – 2”

  1. So, I am catching up this one, can’t wait to see what next 😀
    loved all the Football, Sports Olympics at school days used to fun even for me.
    Btw Rahul, hope not inspired from SRK movie fan club 😀

  2. Just came back from a long road trip, and this is the first thing I read after turning ON my WiFi. 😉 😀
    How do you even come up with these plots, they are so beautifully woven! 🙂

    1. Long road trip :O Where you been? I hope you enjoyed the road trip 😀

      I am a stepping stone to a Bollywood script writer. 😛 So my jobless brain does all the works of making plots 😛 😛

      1. We drove our way to Bangalore!! The main reason which excites me about a road trip is listening to my entire playlist #livinglifekingsize

        Seriously, this story is just too good, the way you describe your plot brings the actual image in front of us!

      2. Garden city, that should have been a good trip and yes, listening to music in car is an out of the world experience.

        Thank you for the encouragement, Perfectgirl 🙂


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