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Calcutta was far from the dream that they saw. The lower stratum of life was a scrutinizing one. There were piercing eyes, stealth, and deception to accompany them. Rahul had friends but there is not much they could do for them. Couple of days passes by and later, Nila gets into a ladies hostel run by a local community. Since she didn’t have any documents she was asked to pay a higher rent. Some of her jewels came handy now. She also managed a job in the call-centre at the city.

Rahul stationed at his friends. He couldn’t recover from the panic that life had to offer. He tried his hands on a job as hotel supplier where he caught up a tussle with the customer and was sent to jail. Nila and his friends had a tough time getting him out. Since it was a petty case, the cops let him walk away taking their usual bribe.

By the end of 3 months, Rahul’s friend had a relative who could offer them a small apartment where Rahul and Nila moved in. Much of Nila’s jewels and money was over. They were pretty much surviving on her income and most of the times Rahul would be out with his friends or would be home late night really drunk. That had continued till yesterday.

As thoughts subsided, she realizes that she had to do something for both of them. Probably, a decision.

Nila gets up moves to the kitchen. By the evening, she gets her bag ready and packs up necessary stuff. Late at night, Rahul comes in drunk to see her bag packed and kept aside. He looks at her and she says she wouldn’t want to waste both of their lives and has decided to leave. Rahul smirks and says that she is Miss. Nila and not Mrs.

The dawn next day brings loneliness with it into Rahul’s life. He thinks that she might contact him some weeks from then. But that did not happen. As days passed by, Rahul realized how broke he was, he hadn’t paid the rent for the past two months and the owner of the apartment had given him a final warning to move out of there. Gathering some money from his friends and promising to pay them back, he leaves to meet his parents, all he could think of at this time.

Though unwelcome in the beginning, he always had a place there. His mother happy to see him safe and sound while his father pondering what he had been up to. A week passed there, when one of the days his father asked him to accompany him on a trek. Trek was a mere excuse and his father’s intention was to get to know what on earth was going on in his son’s life! Rahul poured his heart out that day and never had he spoken so intimately to his father.

His father thoroughly saddened by his doings reminded that he never raised him to be a coward. He reminded that he had shamed him and feels really bad for the girl who had battled this long for him.

Rahul stays back at home another couple of months mentally preparing him for the treacherous world outside. Once he felt ready, he enquired about his certificates in the college and then went to get them. He knew from the college that Nila’s certificates are still in the college. He confirmed that Nila hasn’t been back and he sets on the journey to find her. He lands in Calcutta. Again banking on the friends for support, he lands in a couple of small part time jobs while he tried and searched for her in and around the city. Later, he moved on to a permanent job and got a small apartment to live in. He had searched every nook and corner of the city but she was never found. Heart sank every day with his incompetency to find her and restore their life again.

Rahul called up his friends in school and asked them if they had any idea of Nila and her whereabouts. They answered him negative. With each passing day, the world was much darker for him. His heart said that she must have landed in ‘The Nilgiris’. It’s been over a year and a half now and he was yet to hear from her.

He tries his luck asking his mother if she had any contacts back in his school and gladly receives couple of phone numbers, of which one is of the teacher who used to teach him before. He calls her up right away to hear the news that she had seen Nila somewhere nearby and also hears from her that she was getting married arranged by her parents very soon.

Rahul packs up and leaves for the place, where they both grew up and where he fell for her. He was pretty sure that this is not happening and once he is there, everything will be sorted out.

He was back to find out his couple of old friends still lived there much to his relief and gets to know about the scenario. Her parents actually had cleared the air, stating that she was away with studies and nothing else could prove otherwise.

A week before her marriage, he manages to get her home telephone number. He dials the number and Nila picks up,

‘Hello’ in her voice. The voice made rahul skip a beat or two and finally managing to somehow hide his excitement he replies

‘Hi, how are you?’

She asks in a rather stern and curious voice, ‘Who am I talking to?’

Suddenly a wave of emotions hit him; he wants to get done with the conversation. He just replies ‘Sorry, wrong number’ and disconnects the call. Nila wouldn’t identify his voice over the phone is as true as sun rises in the west. Rather she had decided to let go and that was the only possibility. He sat down and thought if she was expecting him anymore, to which all he could think was negative.

Plans seemed to have vanished and all the courage seems to have met vapours. All he knew was that in a week she was getting married and there was nothing much he could do about. He chooses to stay aloof and let her live life than again going back in there and creating chaos.

On the auspicious day, he stands afar watching her taking rounds and getting hitched to some unknown guy. Her eyeballs were low on the ground epitomizing sadness but neither did it enquiringly look around or wait for someone. That was evident from her eyes. She seemed to have accepted what might have looked like fate had to offer.

He walks back to his stay and packs up and then decides to walk all the way to the railway station. His head filled with cacophony and unknown vibrations. Blankness veiled his thoughts and all he knew he wanted to do was reach his parents by hook or crook.

9 years later….

In a resort in shimla, Rahul’s father and mother were seen walking through the greenery of woods surrounding them. They were enjoying their retired life. Swati was sitting on a bench in the park, sipping coffee and going through the news paper. Young Nila running rounds around her mother in the park.

Rahul was seeing it all from the balcony of his room. From chords that didn’t match in life, it was a long journey and life now sounded like a perfect song. Nila was no more in his life, but it rained compassion and joy in his life and again young Nila was the reason.



12 thoughts on “A PERFECT SONG – 4”

    1. Hello Perfectgirl,

      There are lot of flaws I believe as I don’t read at all. But glad to hear that I motivate you.

      Thank you so much 🙂 Hope to see your posts soonish.

      Have a great time 🙂

      1. Even if there were flaws, I think they just made it more beautiful 😉

        Hehe! I’ll try writing a post somewhere between tomorrow… You see, I have a big event coming up… Will tell u about it soon!!!

    1. Hello there,

      I am really glad to see your comment, actually there should be loads to improve and I guess I should start reading books to get a clue of how proper stories are written!

      Thanks a lot for reading and commenting 🙂

      Have a great day 🙂

      1. Yes …I understand..in any work , there is always scope for improvement….but that doesn’t minimize the effort put forth to create one… 🙂 It’s good to see that you’re not satisfied with your own work…that’s a great sign of improvement 🙂 best wishes…. 🙂

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