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The plot and the kill

As and when Akeel reaches and passes the information, the officer in command screams at him for being irresponsible and acting like one senseless little boy. He reminds that if it was a militant group there would have been land mines and Akeel would have got himself killed along with tarnishing of the commando operations credibility. He apologizes for his unknown but mindless act. The officer also confirms that negotiations on phone between the government and mafia had broken down and the life of the kid would be in danger any moment. The signals of phone showed some place nearby hence it was confirmed that this was the gang and they had to act quickly before they move or kill the lad.

According to Akeel’s information, they narrowed that there is 10 members of the gang maximum. They got a helping hand from the police to have the architectural plan of the house within 2 hours. This meant that there was 4.5 effective hours for planning the move. Again going by Akeel’s statement, there was one member of gang in the room where the minister’s son was tied up and it had a broken glass window. So the chief goes by his best guess that the remaining of 9 men would be located in the other two rooms. This was a tough call. Akeel was avoided for this operation as a punishment for his misdeed, but they needed that extra member like Akeel. So finally reliving him of the punishment, Akeel was included in the plot.

The policemen, couple of them along with the young officer were to be stationed at a distance of 500 meters from the location with necessary transport facilities, arms and ammunitions. Akeel would move in swiftly to the broken window and check out and confirm that the boy is in the room as he saw earlier, then with a silenced hand pistol take down the guard and then within no time another commando would bring down the door of the back exit without a pin drop noise and they both in pairs would storm in and make the ministers son safe. While they brought down the door and entered from the back, the whole other team would blast the 2 other main entrances of the house with a hand grenade and either gun them down or if possible catch them alive.  The only things that mattered in the plan were precision of timing and good old luck favoring them.

The loaded Russian assault rifles and semi automatic hand guns, small combat knives stuck to various parts of their body. Akeel had the best hand gun with a suppressor (silencer) attached to it. The first kill by him would decide the fate of this operation. Each and every one had a stop watch with 15 minutes to end the operation. The sequence was that the back door will be worked upon first and 3 minutes from then a single shot on the guard by Akeel in a way that he is taken down in one without any noises. By the 6th minute the door should be done and in the 7th minute they enter from the back and simultaneously the grenade is fired on the main entrances. Then within the next 7-8 minutes the operation should end.

By 3:00 am in the morning, they assemble a kilometer away from the location and run through the plan again. The policemen were deployed at 500meter distance and the group of 7 moves towards the intended location. The experienced 5 take place at the main entrance, Akeel and his buddy moves towards the back. Within a minute the operation starts. The door is being taken care of by an experienced hand while Akeel checks from the broken window that lad in the room was minister’s son. He couldn’t confirm but it almost looked like it and he was tied with hands at the back. The guard was sitting on a chair in the corner of the room and he was dozing with his head supported by the side corners of the walls meeting.

At the dot of 2:55 mins, Akeel positions himself for the shot and sharp at 3:00 minutes he shoots the guard right on his forehead. The guard drops dead on the floor with a thud enough to be noticed in the silence. The minister’s son who was asleep has been awakened by the sound. Akeel waves his hand with the gun, pleading him to be quiet. In the mean while the back exit has come down by the 6th minute. At 6:55 the other officer pulls the door out and places it aside while Akeel stays in the position to make sure that no one enters the room due to the sound. At th 7:00 minute mark, there is a blast and firing sounds are heard. The officer, who enters from the back door now reaches the kid freed him, lifted him and made it out of the location towards the police men. Akeel moves into the house to lend a helping hand to the others but the show was over. The inexperience of the gangsters worked to the advantage of the trained commandos. Out of the 7 gangsters, 1 was taken down by Akeel and 3 were shot dead. 3 survived with bullets below the knee and on shoulders.  Thus the mission ended on a positive note. The boy was safely returned to his parents. The goons were transferred to the Delhi police station.

They were given a break of 45 days after the successful completion, though not rewarded in the public their name spread inside the army with the chief’s taking note of everybody and especially the new blood, Akeel who had done his part with great confidence. The formation of commando wing in the army proved worthwhile.

(To be continued)


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