A year later ……





The waves washed her feet clean. The soaked sand under her feet made her feel emotional. The saturated sea breeze filled with slight mixture of humidity and chillness caressed her soft skin. The sea looked calm as it was before.

A year before, she stood at the same place holding his hand.

A year later, she stands alone with a bleeding heart…….



Her daughter was the cutest and the best thing that has happened in her life. She loved her daughter more than anything in this world, even more than her life. The curly hair, cute dusky face and heart warming smile flashed before her eyes.

A year before, she embraced her, wrapping her in her arms close to her heart.

A year later, she stands in the building of Deputy General of Police pleading for justice for her deceased daughter ……



Her grey strands spoke much of her helplessness. Not only she had grown old, she had also grown weak visibly and intellectually. Her loneliness coaxing her to behest off the little remaining vigor left in her. She hoped to see her son one more time before she perishes.

A year before, she was waiting for his arrival.

A year later, she still waits for his arrival…….



She was counting days for his return. He is far away from her and his other near ones, to feed his family and see them comfortable. She had turned a blind eye to her physical needs and sacrificed the golden days of her youth. She envisages him coming back to her, making love to her and thus quenching her desires.

A year before, she awaits him.

A year later, she has started counting days……..



Every small machine sold out. Most of the employees are off-hired and just one of them remain to make the closing certificate for the office. The owner is sinking in debt., hoping that the banks show some mercy on him or the way forward for him would be dark confinement.

A year before, they celebrated their huge turnover.

A year later, he sees all of it sink ……..




Joys of life suddenly came to an end. He sees days fade away fast like the falling leaves from a tree in Autumn. Tumor cells growing in him like a rapidly spreading wildfire. Nothing can assure him that life will continue and he will continue to breathe for another 24 hours. All he can do is wait and see if fate shows mercy and lets him see another sunrise.

A year before, he lead a vibrant life gulping wine, partying with women and laughing till his guts pain.

A year later, he relies on destiny……….




Time flies by, 

In a blink of the eye,

Make the most of it now,

Or regret over it later.



20 thoughts on “A year later ……”

    1. Thank you so much Sherin 🙂 You have always read my posts and commented on it. You are one of my motivators 🙂

      Hope to read your posts soon..Cheers

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