The untold story of a snooker table


On a snooker pool table, one can find a number of balls in different colors; red, purple, orange and also some with numbers on it and some plain. At the start, all of them are united sticking with each other, until we force the white ball on them. The colored balls scatter helplessly and are all over the table. We carefully select the easiest colored ball and eliminate it. As the traffic on the table reduces and game gets going, we need extra aim and perfection to eliminate the remaining balls. It will be hard and they don’t fall by mere luck like they used to before. We might need more than one try to eliminate those bastards. Eventually we do, ultimately left to face the biggest opponent of all on the table ‘The black’. We need to plot and plan to eliminate him and it requires top notch skills and perfection to do the same. With a lot of perseverance, hard work, skill, talent and luck, we eliminate it also to win the game.

Let me compare life with this game. All the bad join forces and make your life miserable. The order of vices go in a climbing order from small things like anger, ego, jealousy …… which can be easily knocked off by bit of training, to bigger things in life. As game goes on we find balls in difficult positions and away from the pocket, which needs a bit more to be knocked off than the earlier ones, similarly as we move on in life we find difficult factors like treachery, responsibility, liability… which might need much more perfection and skill to tackle. 

Towards the end we find the black ball, which can be different for different people. The black ball is the strongest of all and it kicks us on the ribs and gut, leaving us gasping for breathe and slamming us hard against the ground. To tackle the black ball we need great skill, confidence, talent and luck. Many of us get beaten by the black ball often and we give up. We end up losing the game because we might either not have that high level talent to tackle it or luck may betray us. But often we end up losing. People who eliminate the black ball, glory awaits them. The examples I would quote is Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Shahrukh Khan. They had great amount of skill and talent with fair share of luck. Hence they live life king size while getting to do what they actually want to do.

So to conclude, according to me all that we need to keep ready for the game called life is ‘US’, the person who plays the game. He should update himself with necessary skills required to face the game as well as willingness to learn new skills and he progresses. He should have a staff or stick which is the medium used to make contact on the white ball and there by reaching the board to strike the vices. In real life that snooker pool stick can be anything or anyone like parents, relatives, well wishers, money, name, fame…. It should be a source of abundant positive energy and motivation. It is used to drive the white ball which is Will. The will should be strong and should have the power to strike the other balls hard and eventually eliminate them one after the other. 

I guess I have posted the biggest cheat for life, kudos to me. So people start preparing yourself and your near and dear ones, because I know it is coming for all of us.  * I’m stupid 😀 *





Would you believe that I started the write up in this post as a caption for this photograph and…

I would love to hear your take on this 🙂 


13 thoughts on “The untold story of a snooker table”

    1. Hey Maniparna,

      Hope you are doing good.

      How long will I do only grey and dark genre !!! 😛 This post came as a much needed change.

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  1. I like the post and agree with what you said but I think its easier said than done…even if the biggest cheat for living a good life hits you in your face, we humans tend to take the harder path to achieve it…

    1. Hello there,

      I could never do it 😛 I can’t even eliminate the easier balls leave the black one.

      It’s hard and hence I kept mentioning about luck, it really counts.

      Thank you for reading 🙂

    1. We possibly could but dunno how it will go, can’t be sure if it will go well though. May be it could.

      Hope you have heard about manager and grass story.

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