Holler of the Mountains

How much time do you reckon it takes to change a super boring day into an amazing one? I can say not much time. In such situations, it will often be friends to whom we owe our super amazing time. They are the only beings that can drag us out of all our miseries.

So my story goes like this, I suffer a six day office drudgery and one day at-home drudgery. That completes my week. But not this week. In the morning of my off day I get a message, ‘ Mate, Any plans today? Steve is here!’

One of my friends actually messages me.

I reply him, ‘I am waiting for this other friend to message me, and he said we could meet but haven’t heard from him since yesterday.’

He says, ‘Let me know if you don’t have plans.’

I try messaging my other friend, but no way. So again after an hour my friend messages me. ‘Anything decided.’

I say that my plans of meeting this friend might not happen, he isn’t messaging. He says let’s go out, we three.


Khor fakkan beach may be.

I haven’t been to Khor fakkan. I have heard of it as a beautiful place though. Not sure though. 

So my friend says, ‘I and Steve will drop by at your place and discuss on where to go! It’s already 11:00am in the morning.’

They came 15mins later and ‘Ready? Come on lets go to Khor fakkan beach. Get your purse, towel and change overs.’

‘I thought we were going to discuss, I haven’t even taken a bath.’

‘We know that’s usual. Cut this crap, get the stuff and let’s start.’

In the next 15mins we are in my friend’s car. He is the official driver, I am the official photographer and Steve is the official errrrr may be passenger. Thus kick starting a wonderful day with lot of good places, roads, fun and some salt water.

Khor fakkan beach is nothing special. It’s a salt water beach and can leave your eyes burning. That’s the amount of salt it has in it. Then what exactly is special about this place? You will understand that as you read through.



Far in the mountains 😀




Our, or my friends ride
Our, or my friends ride


I will cut my bs short and let the pictures do all the talking 🙂 


































And the last one. 



It was the mountain roads that is the main attraction and not the beach. These are just beautiful. Congrats to the government. What a marvel !!! 


Please click on the image to view the full size (recommended). A bit of post processing done to make it look better. 


17 thoughts on “Holler of the Mountains”

  1. Anoope is it like when you go too inside or outside from the town what is left is all mountains and vast barren land.Now i know why you always says about kerala.
    Anyway you did your best with what you have.Lovely pics 🙂 but like i said somewhere that mountains tell me a loneliness story 🙂

    1. Yes Sherin, something like that. When you are away from the town you either see barren stretch or mountains.

      Thank you so much for the appreciation. 🙂

  2. Long drives: Pure moment of bliss ( ofcourse music is a must ) 😉

    I have already talked about your photographic skills, but I am gonna do it again!!! It is magical! 😀

    This place you captured is just too good!!! I would love to visit it!!! 🙂

      1. Yup, everything is great at the moment in my life, my bday is around the corner, so I am on a shopping mode!!!! 😉

        You will be going again? Ahhhh lucky you 😀

    1. Oh. Happy bday in advance. Lucky you, kill your dad’s bank accounts 😀 Wish I could do that now 😛

      Yes, hopefully I will go again. The mountains are calling me, but this time in my car. That means more power, more speed and more fun … buhahaha..

      1. I understand the joy of riding alone, ahh it’s magical !!!! 😀 😉

        Speaking of dad’s bank accounts, I have so far done a decent job in frightening him 😛

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