ORKUT FADES …. So does my memories


Couple of months back, when I read in Google news regarding the shutting down of Orkut it didn’t hit me much. The date was 30th Sep if I remember correctly. Today i.e. 29th Sep I sat browsing through my messages in Facebook, I happened to see something regarding Orkut and I suddenly realize that Orkut is no more from tomorrow.

Quickly logging off facebook, I login to Orkut. Suddenly a wave of memories hit me. The scraps I posted, the scraps I received, the women I tried to flirt and get along with, the testimonials I posted in my friends profile, the testimonials I received from my friends, the first online friends that I had whom I can call net friends. All of them are going away, taking my sweet little happy memories that I had.

I still remember sitting with a senior college mate looking through his orkut profile while he swiftly browsed past 10 or more girls and kept on doing so. When I started my account in orkut I made sure that I add all my school buddies and talk to them. The fun of posting a scrap on friends profile was way more than writing an email, just like posting on somebody’s wall. I hadn’t been in any contact with them in years and this site did help me a lot. Today with so many software and methods to connect, I don’t think anyone of the current time would understand what it meant then.

As you go Orkut, please remember that you will be missed dearly by me. Memories define me and when some of it fades, I feel lot of pain. You go away taking a part of my memories, part of my friends with whom I have no connect elsewhere, a very small part of me. A very small yet significant. I will miss you Orkut.




Pic credit : Free Google search, credit to respective owner.


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