November Rains





On a November mid-day

You came in to stay

Like an Enya song

You made me long

We walked holding hands

You had a magic wand

Which helped my sorrows heal

And my pain flee


On a November mid-night

You put up a good fight

Like a Mike Tyson punch

You smacked me on the ground

All the craters of pain and sorrow

Burst open

Your departure crushing my heart


The month of falls

The month of joys

The month of sorrows

Bitter-sweet November


Pic credit: Free Google search, credits to respective owner.




11 thoughts on “November Rains”

  1. its so good to see you online…and I love bitter sweet november….seems like a lot of us have bittersweet memories of oct, nov and dec ❤

    1. Hello Anamika.

      I was away from blogging for a while and I guess I will be away for some more time.

      You name the month and I can narrate a bitter sweet memory 😉

      Have a great oct, nov and dec.

      Btw I am home, feeling the rains 😀

    1. Hello there,

      Enya is amazing. I love her music. Especially May it be. Thats my favorite. Soulful music 🙂

      Thank you for passing by. Cheers!!!

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