Let me run away


 When the sunrises everyday

I want to runaway

Am done with the rat race

Nothing more to prove and face


Another aero plane

Another new destination

Another new life

Shedding my old scales


Lucky to have a better life

Than many others

Though all I need now is

To run away


I am done and I am coming back

To you forever

May be surrounded by a million

But all I need is you


All I want is to live my life

My way and for that

I am running away

I am coming back to you… forever…

Inspired by :  I wanna go home – Michael Buble 


9 thoughts on “Let me run away”

    1. Thank you so much 🙂

      I think you need to have courage to run away. Running away isn’t easy 😀 Saying these words I just wonder the boldness of women who elope with their lovers where khaps dictate.

      Have a great day.

  1. Life changes from Passenger trains to 1st class AC. Now I go to bars, earlier our parties used to happen under the sky.
    After having a career, it is clearly visible that money cant buy complete happiness. There is something immensly seductive about a life of Dreams and freedom. No 9-5 routine, nothing

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