Voyage to Phuket – Amazing Thailand… Truly Amazing!!! Part 3 – Day 3

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Day Three : 

The next day I had to get up earlier than usual, for I had booked a tour to Phi Phi Islands. It’s one of the best islands in terms of nature and the water around. I booked this tour through internet for 900 Baht, which was stupid of me. The reason I will explain later on, so just keep reading 😉

The pick up time was mentioned as 7:00 am from my hotel lobby. The guy came to pick me up at the correct time in a mini-bus. After picking up couple of other people, we left for the nearby harbor. The harbor was an hour travel from my hotel. I was carrying my tripod and all my equipment for cam so that I can get a good shot or two. But that never happened.

Once we reached the harbor, we got stickers for identifications and our guide, a young lad explained to us which boat to board and the other itinerary for the day. We board the boat and it had 3 decks. Still it was packed with people. I placed my bag on the bottom deck on a seat and sat there for a while till everything was settled. I walk on to the deck and take a couple of pictures.


Our cruiser ship looked the same, crowded like a market 😀




Don’t you guys runaway, we are gonna overtake ya 😀




The bottom deck of our Phi Phi cruiser (name of our cruiser boat)




The first island we spotted



Closer look of the island, from the side




The island had no land as I saw from the boat. It was a no man’s land



The water looked very good and our cruiser splashing it all





In a while, on the front open area, I happened to meet a friendly couple with whom I had a really nice chat. The guy was from Manchester, UK and he cheered for Manchester city which kind of came as a surprise. The young lady was from Copenhagen, Denmark and the young man lives in Copenhagen too with the beautiful lady. He was a great fan of football and even had season passes for the game. He was teacher by profession and shared that he had couple of students who belonged to Kerala, India basically. We are everywhere, no denying that. As I started getting to know more, I came to know that they were going to halt for a couple of days at Phi Phi Island. Then came the talks of scuba diving.

The young lady had done many dives around Phi Phi Island and I also had read about the PADI here, it had positive reviews . It’s a divers dream to have a couple of dive here. Till then I was going to give scuba diving a miss, but then decided I wouldn’t. She also told me about the view point above the Phi Phi islands which I couldn’t go to.  In a while the mother cruiser stopped near Phi Phi Islands, we parted without a good bye.

I hopped on to another boat where we were taken to snorkel, swim or dive. Diving came with a price, which I didn’t have as I never expected that. But probably that was the best place to have a dive. The only option left was to swim and snorkel. I am not a good swimmer though I know a bit. I got myself a life jacket like everyone and dived into the water to have my share of salt water. Why should fishes have all the fun!!!


The front side of the cruiser where I met those two and had a great chat. They are right at the front




Slowly we are getting there




People already diving, genlemen & ladies wait for me :@










Little boat with a mermaid… 😛








Finally the waters arrived, the light green is the swim/snorkel place





Also another advice from me would be, not to touch the rocks. I floated to the rocks and touched it. I returned with a lot of cuts on my left palm. The rocks are knife sharp.

After the swim/snorkel, we were taken back to the island to have quick lunch. It was Thai dishes. Though I am not a great fan of Thai food, I managed to eat something to keep me away from starving till we are back.



They had spaghetti which was good and the fried chicken too.



After lunch was done it was already 2 in the noon. We were ready to leave by 2:30 pm and hence no way to visit the viewpoint. Sad indeed 😦 .

We return back for Phuket which is couple of hours away.Parting shots follows











The splashing water from the side of our cruiser enthralled me, I tried to capture that









Reached back by 6 pm in the evening and was very tired swimming and snorkeling. I counted that as the end of activities for the day.


Day Four:



(To be contd…)


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