Voyage to Phuket – Amazing Thailand… Truly Amazing!!! Part 4 – Day 4

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Day Four :

I knew this day was going to be truly special. It was filled with activities and I was kept on my toes.

I had booked a tour to Phang Nga bay, and something more at night. To know what, keep  reading 😉

Now Phang Nga bay tour included visiting of 4 islands including the one on which James Bond 007 was filmed. Cool isn’t it. By the way, I forgot to tell you that the island on which the movie ‘The beach’ was filmed was on the way to Phi Phi island. We couldn’t stop there as it was not mentioned in the itinerary. I happened to eat dinner in one of the Indian restaurants and that’s how I knew they  do booking for tours too. Hence I did the booking there. The price was a 1000 THB. Booking through the internet would have been a 18oo THB, I felt like a smart ass then by saving 800 THB, which was put into buying scale models of Merc SLS AMG and Mini cooper S. 😀

Phang Nga is one of the most recommended in Trip advisor and lonely planet, so going there was obvious. As usual the pick up was at half past 7 in the morning. The guy arrived with his usual minibus (different guy from yesterday as it’s a different tour). The harbor was different from yesterday and we were going in a different direction. This was a bit more close and the tour included a lot of activities like Canoeing/kayaking, visiting james bond (island), finally snorkeling and swimming 😀

One of the major attractions of the islands are the limestone formation on the caves. We were taken there to see limestone formations and batman hanging upside down. Plenty of batman’s 😀 So canoeing there was real fun.

Again a young lad, our guide started telling out the itinerary, screaming out instructions of do’s and don’t do’s. The lad was very funny though. He made efforts and was friendly with everyone in the boat.

We set out on a cruiser boat again, this time the crowd was less and there were plenty of chilled out people to talk to.


It’s very early in the morning.




This is where canoeing/kayaking is done for the first time out of the two times.





We go on a small raft into the cave and reach the other side. The pictures of other side are here too 😀

We are on the small raft, with two of us there is another guy who is rowing the boat.


People moving into the cave.









Another raft 🙂



Sorry for the shaky image. The boat was shaking so was I.










The Aussie couple with whom I had a great chat again. They were here for a week just like me.





So once this was done, we returned to the cruiser and we set off to another island not too far. Again the same activity.

























Later on after this feat, we went back to the cruiser and lunch was served. More or less the same as yesterday. We had our lunch and we were relaxing in the cruiser as it moved towards 007 island.

We were left to wander at 007 islands for 45 minutes. There was nothing much to do apart from seeing the waters and the beautiful rocks. Tried different angles shooting the water and the place.  ( I am randomly inserting the pics but it’s all of the same island)


Enroute James Bond Island













I waited for her to move, but she refused to budge even after 5 mins. I went ahead.







After James Bond island we were taken to another island, in which we were free to swim. The cruiser stopped half a km away from the island and me with couple of others swam to the island. I didn’t click any pics of this.

This was the end of activities and they engaged the reverse gear and took us back to Phuket. It took them another 2 hrs to reach Phuket. Tired and wet as a fish, I rushed to my room and had a quick shower.

That my friends was the end of activities for the day  not yet. There was something more for the night *devilish smile*


Muay Thai :

The beauty of travelling alone is that you can find a friend for a short time who is amazing and have a great chat. The togetherness might last few hours or can last forever. To know what I am blabbering, read on.

I still remember my days when I was enthralled by the movie Ong Bak (Thai movie also known as Enter the new dragon). If you haven’t watched it, please do. There were another 2 sequels to Ong Bak. The movie had this Thai fighter, Ting (Tony Jaa) going after a religious Buddha head stolen from their village. The Thai boxing shown was so amazing that I made a copy of Ong Bak and watched all the movies couple of times. The Ong Bak 1 is the best of all.

From then I wanted learn Muay Thai, or at least watch it. Where else to fulfill my dream if not in Thailand! I had walked into Bangla boxing stadium couple of days back knowing that there was a fight this day to enquire. The notices will be all over the streets and glued to the walls. So you can always know when and where you have a boxing match. So coming back to my case, I went then to enquire and they made me book my ticket. The cost of the ticket was 1700 THB, I paid an advance of 500 THB and later on the day of the match, paid them the rest.

I go just on time, ie 9 pm. The fight has not started yet. There is vip seats, ring side and stadium seats for which cost reduces in descending order respectively. I ,of course bought the lowest one. This is where I met Daniel, an Aussie guy. He himself had trained Muay Thai in his early ages. He might be around 38 yrs and I was seating besides him. We started talking and the guy bought me a beer, had cool chat and then the announcements started. By then we had almost gulped down the most of our beer.

The first fight was between two young kids, might be around 5-6 years. I enjoyed the fight, the kids were amazing.















The red lad won if I remember correctly. He was really ripped and landed much more shots on the blue kid. Both were amazing though. It’s sad to see kids fight at this age, but I really wish them all the best.

The next fight was between kids aged 9-10 years, I don’t have pics of that. I think again the red guy won.

The next were teenagers, great fight. The red guy won.







There was women’s boxing too.


Couple of fighters whom I remember, one is definitely Nadia. She is doing her stretches. She won the match too. Nadia was too strong to be beaten.




The rest of the images are as follows in no order



tn_DSC_0245 tn_DSC_0246 tn_DSC_0247 tn_DSC_0248 tn_DSC_0249 tn_DSC_0250 tn_DSC_0251 tn_DSC_0252 tn_DSC_0253 tn_DSC_0254 tn_DSC_0255 tn_DSC_0256 tn_DSC_0257 tn_DSC_0258

I and daniel gulped down 5 bottles of beer each, in the mid of the matches buying beers turned into betting for beers and finally I had to back out due to insufficient funds. After the match we parted ways, may be will meet somewhere. I would say this my friends, is the beauty of travelling alone.

I saw many Tony Jaa’s. Amazing to have seen a boxing match in real after watching thousands of matches of Tyson and Ali and couple of my professional boxer friends in youtube.

As the Muay Thai matches finished, I went to my hotel room and dropped dead.

Day Five:

(To be contd…)


19 thoughts on “Voyage to Phuket – Amazing Thailand… Truly Amazing!!! Part 4 – Day 4”

  1. Anoop you made it possible for the readers to enjoy your epic journey through this post successfully \!!!!!!!!!!!………. Awesome ocean pics man……awesome awesome !!!!!!

      1. Ah! In the pictures of Thailand actually. Looks like you had a lovely vacation! 🙂 J ust routine stuff -exams and the other devilish implementations of man :/

    1. It’s a diver’s heaven. I would recommend you to stay at Phi Phi and dive around the place, many divers do that. Very beautiful place, Indah.

      1. Oh, I have been to Phi Phi Island, but back then only for snorkeling…I thought it was too crowded 😦 I can’t imagine how to dive with such crowds 😦 Back then we rented a boat and did our own snorkeling because we thought too much crowds were not that pleasant (and not good for the corals). 😦

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