Voyage to Phuket – Amazing Thailand… Truly Amazing!!! Part 6 – Day 6

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Day Six : 

This day was again going to be a day of activities. It was scuba diving day. I had booked the trip on day 4 in the evening from a hotel nearby selling tours.

To be honest, this was one bad decision I took. There were like 2 options, half a day for 1600 THB and full day for 1900 THB. I being Indian and looking at price difference jump for the full day option. Stupid me….grrr!!! There are better options definitely, I would recommend you to research and take a course from PADI instead of doing it like I did. Sure I did see the coral islands and touch fishes but I was not satisfied at all. My gut feeling says there is much more to Scuba diving and my gut feeling never goes wrong.

So again at 8:00 am the guy picks up in a mini bus. We go to a harbor and from there the coral island is 15 mins far. Obviously it’s a speed boat. We board the speed boat and in 15 mins we are there at coral islands. Let pics do all the talking tonight…









 18mm showing it’s class. I love this shot, definitely one of my favorites.







Some of my best shots can be owed to this place. I loved the place, a better photographer could have done wonders.

About Scuba diving, we went there in the speed boat and after we reach the island we are given a safety briefing. Also they suggest we get a locker to keep our stuff. I being alone and having my cam and other equipment’s get a locker for 100 THB. Then I go to the scuba diving place, and there I was told that Sea walking (other activity) and scuba diving costs on 1800 THB. I understand I got ripped off but it’s alright getting ripped off once in a while on vacation I guess.

I walk to Scuba place, the instructors are Thai men who are very experienced with the sea. Not really professional, but very friendly and kind. They brief the basics and demonstrate on how oxygen cylinders are used and other signs and symbols. Within 10 mins we are in our fish suit ready to be fishes, or fishermen I must say. We are led by our instructor with two other kids alongside me. So we were four in a group. The other two lads were from Isreal and I didn’t bother talking to them as they were just 14 years old siblings. Too young for bs ing.

So after we reach about 1.8 meter high, we are asked by the instructor if every one knows how to swim. I tell him that I am beginner, so he holds my hand and takes me to the around 5-6 meter height. The suit has an option to inflate and deflate. Inflate to rise up in water and deflate to go down. We go down to see the rocks and fishes. This 6 meter height doesn’t have much aquatic reefs or rocks which are worth drooling. The instructor had a loaf of bread which he used to tempt all the fishes to coming near us. In this process, a white fish bit me on my left leg. May be as a protest of not getting enough bread. Then after around 40 mins we head back to the island. By 25 mins the pressure had started taking toll on me. My head started paining and the water started putting pressure on my eye mask causing pain on covered area on my face.

By the time I reach the island, I have cold and headache. I just want to go back but there were 4 hrs remaining for the return journey. I should have booked the shorter trip. I wait, click more pics and then wait again. Finally at half past two in the afternoon, we head for the main Phuket island. By round about 3 we are there.

I am in no position to do anything more other than drop dead on my bed. That marked the end of activities for that day.

Day Seven: 



(To be contd…)


23 thoughts on “Voyage to Phuket – Amazing Thailand… Truly Amazing!!! Part 6 – Day 6”

  1. Now this post leaves me totally green!! Why, you ask? Because I see blue green water and sand and pristine white beach and I am like “Why the hell am I sitting in this stupid cubicle staring at the laptop with a tasteless coffee in my hand!!” And I get an answer “Because you are stupid. Shut up”! 😦

    1. That cubicle and laptop is your work that will pay your for your future trip 🙂 Don’t you worry. Work hard, party harder later. Book a vacation for yourselves and family and you will be fine.

      From a person sitting in the office and looking on his laptop 😀

    1. Hey Indah,

      Thanks for dropping by.. It was my first vacation to another country, usually I do local trips on bikes or even trains. It was special for me.

      The scuba dive that I did was not that great but nonetheless I enjoyed it, waiting for experiencing more of it.

      Cheers Indah 🙂

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