Voyage to Phuket – Amazing Thailand … Truly Amazing!!! Part 7- Day 7

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Day Seven : 

All my Indian friends who watch Bollywood movies would understand the following things I am going to say.

Does anyone remember the dialogue, ‘Enna rascala, mind it!’ from the movie Om shanti om. Mind it was Shahrukh khan, if I remember correctly.

‘Pappu….Tiger cat?’ screams Shahrukh khan to Shreyas Talpade (Pappu). The movie om shanti om that I saw the night before my university exams 😛

Everyone in the audience looks astonished and repeats, ‘Tiger cat…Tiger cat…Tiger cat…???’ Our movie hero is going to battle it out with a tiger cat now. It’s a movie that shows shooting of another south indian movie ie Tamil.

In the meanwhile Pappu throws a dummy Tiger cat (something like a stuffed tiger which we buy for kids) for mind it to fight as there is no equals for him elsewhere. Now once the tiger cat is thrown, our hero grabs it by the tail and rotates it round and round and says,

‘ Naughty pussy, naughty pussy… who is the daddy now?’

Here is the dialog copied from Google

Tiger cat.
what a tiger.
Oh you bad cat.
You fat cat.
Rascal cat.
Take it. (shahrukh punches the tiger)
Take it.
Take it…
who’s your daddy now?
You want to say sorry?
Pussy cat pussy cat.
Where have you been?
Have you been to london?
To see the queen.
Go see the queen.
Find it.
Are you fly you are not toy.
How nice he flying.
How nice he flying.
You rascal!
Mind it.
Cut it.

I have laughed my gut out then seeing this scene. It was stupid but funny as hell.

watch the scene here.

So on day 7 I had an adventure planned something similar. Being my last day in Thailand, I sure didn’t want to spend much money but needed something that I would cherish my entire life.

I heard on day 5 from the Aussie couple that they were off to tiger kingdom later on. I had my mind on Tiger kingdom, one of the rising spots of Phuket. I learnt from trip advisor that the place opens at 9 and closes at 6. I thought better to go early than late. I was up by 8 am and was on the streets by 9 am. Now to find a taxi that doesn’t charge too much was a challenge. Need to use my bargaining skills which comes handy usually in any part of Asia. I have fever but I have decided that I will do this before I leave.

It had started to rain in Phuket. The previous evening it was raining for 3-4 hrs and I am not sure about rains after night fall.  With the heavy fever I walk on the streets, ask taxi drivers. Some say one side 200 THB, some said both ways 600 THB. Finally I bargained it down to 200 THB for both ways.

The ticket cost of Tiger kingdom was 800 THB for big, medium tiger. 1000 THB for small cubs. I don’t get the logic but I think they charge the extra for the cuteness factor. The deal was that we can touch and take pics with the wild cat for real. Who wouldn’t want that!!!

My minicab enters the tiger kingdom in 10 mins. It’s hardly 4-5kms away from my stay. They have a good go-kart place next to the tiger kingdom.

As I enter the facility, they have polite staff asking on what is my pick. I pick big cats, pay the fees and move on. There is a huge crowd near the big cat cage. I start walking around and clicking pics…

























I have plenty of photos where I sit with tiger, touch its  back and pose for a pic and all this while the tiger is either sleeping or it’s quietly sitting down. As far as I know tiger is the most dangerous predator, even more than a lion. It is said that a tiger would kill anything that it sees despite of not being hungry. But what you see here is a well tamed tiger. I question the staff there if the tigers are sedated.

No, no sir. We train them all the day and for all this 19 months it is used to human presence. Hence it is sure to not attack humans. They are used to humans.

Are you kidding me? I am holding its tail and it doesn’t respond. I touch its body and it doesn’t respond. I sleep on its belly with my head properly supported on its belly and hands on its paws, still it wouldn’t respond????


I could have chosen to go and have couple of rounds on the karts. A bad decision I would say from my part, cos I love animals a lot.

I come back and by then it’s already late. I get something to eat for lunch and in the afternoon, I check out my pics and make it ready. In the evening I go to swim again even though I have fever, height of stupidity.

Then all I do is pack my bags for my return next morning. After that is done, I lie down on the bed recalling things done on a blessed holiday. First time in my life that I have been away for a vacation, though I have traveled to different locations for work.

I don’t even know when I fall asleep but that marks the end of my activities for that day.


Day Eight:


(To be contd…)


Edit : Adding a pic of me and the tiger. The tiger looks half dead due to the sedation I believe…



10 thoughts on “Voyage to Phuket – Amazing Thailand … Truly Amazing!!! Part 7- Day 7”

  1. Hey you actually got clicked with he big tigers ? I was so scared as the previous week a man was attacked by a medium tiger I think ! We chose the cubs instead ! Couldnt you atleast put one pic with you and the tiger Anoop pr is it some anonymity factor ?? I dont think they are sedated though , but yes they are one group of lazy big cats !

    1. The tiger kingdom never has that history. The cubs are cute. I loved them, I should have paid more and checked out the cubs, I wasn’t afraid though. Did they allow you or anyone to pick the cubs up?

      The big ones are lazy and hence I feel they are sedated. I have my doubts.

      I have like 30 odd pics of me and the tiger, Anonymity factor it is 😀 I am a very shy person you know 😛 😛 But I will edit and add a pic, I think a pic would be fine.

      Waiting for your travelogue. 🙂


      1. Oh… Tiger cub is still a tiger 😀

        Tiger can never be blamed. Aww, the things that tourists do to irritate those creatures are not less. Sadly I too belong in that category.

    1. Angane onnum ila…The trainer guy liked my camera, he was telling me to pose with the tigers in different angles. Felt like a marriage photoshoot. 😛

      Where is your travel visheshams? 😀

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