Voyage to Phuket – Amazing Thailand … Truly Amazing!!! Part 8 – Final Day

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That day afternoon I had my flight back to India. I was supposed to reach back at 10 pm in India and would depart at 3 noon. I had already booked a mini bus back for 200 THB. I also bought 2 snickers, one for Jazz; my guide on the first day and one for Tah; our receptionist. I leave the chocolate for Jazz in the room itself and give the other to Tah.

I wait for my minibus and it reaches by 10:30 am. I am off to the airport. In an hour and a half I am at the airport. I wander around, buy my friend a souvenir and buy myself Merc SLS AMG and Mini cooper S scale model. I still have plenty of time. In another hour I check in just to know that the flight is delayed by an hour which again got delayed by half an hour.

I board the flight at 4:35 pm and reach India by 11:00 pm. So thus marking an end to my twilight saga.

As promised I am going to write down my suggestions for you guys to have a safe and cheap trip :

1. Don’t exchange money from airport. Please bring Thai Baht for you get very low rate at the airport.

2. Anyone who has driven in India need not worry about crashing, just go ahead with renting a car/motorcycle. You will save a lot of money. I can assure that the chances of a crash are bare minimal. But mind you, if you crash those thieves will suck your bank account dry.

3. You can save a great deal of money on your stay. If you don’t want fancy swimming pool and other luxury things there are tons of cheap hotels around. Book an expensive hotel for a day or two and then walk around and get room in a cheap hotel. You can use the money saved on other exciting activities like drinking and getting laid 😀 (just kidding)

4. Don’t book tours online. They charge you twice the amount that local tour companies charge. I booked Phi Phi island through internet and paid the price for it. Just check the local tour agencies and bargain a bit. You can save a few Baht’s

5. The food is expensive in Thailand. Choose a hotel having kitchen facilities or get McDonald’s or Pizza. It is actually cheaper than the other restaurants.

6. Never get into a taxi or for that matter anything without fixing the rate. Bargain and fix a price or you will be screwed at the end. May it be a small shop or a small tuk tuk ride, bargain and fix a price.

7. Stay safe. There are many bad things around especially at nights. I have traveled a bit and hence I guess I can kind of sense it, but I would request you guys to be safe and not carry a lot of cash in hand. Bad people are everywhere.

8. Drink bottled water only.

9.  If you are travelling with family or even kid, book a minibus from airport to hotel and back. It sure is crowded but can save you 500 THB at least.

10. When you are in a wash room of a mall or some other place like a boxing stadium, if there are three or four people behind trying to massage you, it is usually for a tip. They expect at least 50 THB. Avoid it as you can get better massages in professional massage parlors outside.

11. Ditch swimming pools and visit beaches, for they are amazing.

12. Scuba diving should be booked from a reputed place. You will appreciate the experience.

13. Don’t try drugs that they sell on roadside. Many people try to sell you marijuana and stuff. I was talking to a local lady about this and she said it can be a trap too. So if you are alone, don’t even bother thinking of it. I would never do it even if I go in a group. Don’t let yourself be caught off guard.

14. Get a travel insurance. Jade’s friend had underwent an operation because a kid dropped oxygen cylinder on his leg. You never know when you need the insurance. Better pay the small amount and get it for peace of mind. I didn’t get it but I would recommend you do.

15. Treat their culture and religion with respect. Learn a bit of Thai and people would appreciate it. Thai people are one of the best I have met, very friendly and helpful. Treat everyone with respect and in turn you will get a lot of respect.

16. Be careful of the rocks on the sides of islands where you swim. I got plenty cuts on my left hand trying to catch it.

17. Get a free sim. Internet is free almost everywhere.

So I guess these are all the things basically you need to be aware of. You are good to go now. Do some ground research and pack your bags, get going….

Thanks for reading people 🙂 Leave me a comment or suggestion below if you liked it or if I have to improve.






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