Memories never fade


I travel slow

Through the fathoms below

I travel slow

Striking delightful blows


The gentle raft

In which I am sat

A raft that moves

Countering time

The raft is sat

In the saltiest of water

Of Tears and of sweat and of blood tinge


Memoirs of struggle

Cries of battle

Unfold in an untidy scheme

Memories never fade


I travel slow

Through the fathoms below

I travel slow

Striking delightful blows….

On a gentle raft

Put up of memories past

Oars rowing back to 

A sweet time called past


I row slow to meet my past… 


Pic credit : Free Google search, credits to respective owner.


26 thoughts on “Memories never fade”

    1. Hello Ashmii,

      Its been really long I wrote something like this. I also love writing sad and depressive things you know 😛

      Glad you liked it…

      How are you btw? Everything good?

      Have a great time!!!

      1. Yehi Anoop, Yes we do know you are Patho Lover… 😉 😀 …… Am doing good, everything going good except few job related things!!!!, how are you ???

      1. A lit bit of this, a lit bit of that – My life right now …

        Friction between friendship ( which hurted a lot, but I am sort of over it now 🙂 ) . Priorities has taken a turn. New hobbies. Exam pressure. Whew ! Hectic month !!!

    1. Hey,

      I am alright I guess, back to work. Working to cover up the financial damages of the trip 😛

      How’s you? Hope everything going good in your world.

      Glad you liked the post.

      Have a good day!

      1. I was reading up on the internet regarding places in India. It was impressive I must say. North east especially.

        Looking forward to your posts on one week vacation 😀

      2. I was actually planning on a north east trip. But that sorta didn’t work out. No big plans for my one week break. Just gonna be spending some quality time with my friends. 🙂

      3. Not a bad idea at all. I do that all the time and the last day of the leave, I have a realization that I wasted all my leave. 😥

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