Yea yea!!! I have plenty of time that I while away and sometimes my mind works unpredictable.

I don’t dare call myself a petrolhead for petrolhead’s have super amazing knowledge about cars, but love for riding bikes and driving cars never seem to cease.

These days I see quotes for everything in FB. Why not quotes for cars and bikes !!! 😀

Smoking kills……

Stay away from the receiving end


I love good music……

My ICE makes it sound even better


Wheelies and Stoppies !!!

Two sides of the same coin…….

download (1) download

The low growl of exhaust note reassures my faith in music and the joy it provides.


Every car has its own story to tell,

Just like every human on earth

download (2)

I am left with a car, some un-burnt petrol and a world to explore

download (3)

I would rather drive with adrenaline through my veins, much more than any alcohol.

download (4)

There is nothing more worthwhile than a motorcycle ride on a rainy day.


A spec sheet describes the cars brawn

But to find it’s soul, that’s what really count


Anything more you want to add???

All Pic credits : Free Google search, credits to respective owners (except the dirty V5 which is mine 🙂 ) 

This post was edited with the help of a petrol head and tamed racing driver SNC

Some say he drinks petrol and pee’s diesel

All we know is that he is called SNC



Some say he farts like an FFE (free flow exhaust) and cries like an owl

All we know is that he is called SNC

Thank you stiggy 😀


8 thoughts on “PETROLHEAD Quotes”

  1. I agree with the one that says’ every car has a story.’ I also think every car has a soul and a distinct personality. Infact, I don’t even think my car is a non-human. It has its own tantrums, whims and fancies. Will write a post on this topic sometime soon!

    1. Exactly, that is my point too 🙂

      It will be great to read about your car. The first catch in your post before was the biker. It’s a reflex action, I clicked on it 😛

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