May be she was scared of the social stigma
May be her parents were not in agreement
May be she didn’t want to go through a roller coaster life
May be she didn’t want to be cast out
May be she didn’t want to die poor
May be she found a better person in someone
May be she didn’t love me



Pic credit : Free Google search, credit to respective owner. 


24 thoughts on “PREJUDICE”

    1. Hello Ashmii..

      How is continental people treating you ? I hope they are not troubling you with much work load.

      None of these poems have anything to do with my real life 😛 It is just some random imaginations.

      Cheers !

      1. I am also glad that this is my random thought. Really. You know something Ashmii, you have more say in my life than anybody here , for I know you thoda personally too. 😉

      1. I could sense it cos I know you for a while and I really like studying a person (not just you but in general everyone whom I talk to), I don’t think many here would have noticed it but I particularly have cos you will never engage in a long thread like conversation before like we are doing now. You were basically a sad person before. (laughing out really loud) That brings to my point : Every one changes, may be for him/herself or for someone very close. 😉

      2. Hehhe..i would have never realized this until you put it that way. So thank you for that! 🙂
        So much has happened in the last one odd week and I’ve not really had the time to process everything and honestly i don’t want to sit analyze everything that has happened. Things have changed, definitely, but for someone like you, who i only interact with on a virtual platform, to notice how this has changed me, must really show how much it has impacted my life. 🙂

      3. Yes I can guess and I am really happy for you gurl 🙂 I really feel happy when something good happens to people I know really close.


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