Wholesome frames


I once prayed

If I had a roof

Some bread, some wine

I will be a happy man


When pleas were heard, wishes were granted

I was given a roof not so strong

But fine and sweet

Thatched of chocolate sticks, walls of creamy flake


Ingesting one stick a day

And sometimes two

Till the roof above my head

Came quite in me


Isn’t life the same? I wondered

You plead and pray for one

To acquire a windfall

But just to end with a series of nothing




Pic credit : Free Google search, credit to respective owner. 


14 thoughts on “Wholesome frames”

    1. Hello Prakash, Welcome to my blog. I am glad that my writing prompted you to go through it twice. My perspective was of a man getting more than he asks, ending up losing everything. But I guess there can be many leads to a poem. Thank you for passing by mate. Cheers!

  1. I was thinking that this poem will take a different course… I mean the person demands a roof initial, when he gets it, he wants a meason then.. And then he wants kingdom.
    However, I always love the language of your poem

    1. Hi Raman,

      Hope you are doing great. Actually they say that the best song or prose in written in a few mins. This was such a post.. My perspective was that we get more than what we want, but just to lose everything.

      It’s a pleasure to know that my writing appeals to you. I hope I can keep it up.

      Thank you so much for passing by mate. Have a great day 🙂

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