Saving memories!!!

People who value their time and have better things to do shouldn’t read any further . Call this a disclaimer.


Today was a real dry day at office. It’s one of my dream days, where you can sit idle for 8 hours and leave. Cheers to our client. Though I don’t have high regard for my clients, I would appreciate more of such days. πŸ™‚

Normally my colleagues will go ahead chit-chatting. The term *Registered Bakchods* (Registered Bullshitters) applies in all its glory, to us. We would just sit and BS all day long, if given a chance. If you think women are good at gossiping and men are not, then you were probably wrong. Mind you it’s not just Indians, we have multiple nationalities working with us as registered bakchods and we entertain multiple nationalities. I should also mention this, my colleagues and I have gone through great amount of filtration processes, where our firm fired people left, right and center. We used to dig a deep burrow under our desks and hide, but now that they have calmed down a bit, we are back. Though our strength has reduced a bit and people are still leaving, we try to make the most of it. (read the termination story here.)

So unlike the usual, today I choose to not do the usual like the others who carry on.

Instead I look at my little mobile phone. Think about it’s evolution and it’s relation with my life. I sat thinking about the onesΒ I owned. I have owned a total of 5 mobiles till date, out which 3 I bought, and the other 2 I made my uncle gift me. Emotional blackmailing of course πŸ˜€ . It works well in India. I made him buy a

Nokia 6610i, one of the early phones with camera, pic below



This had a VGA camera and I would boast around cos very few had a better phone than mine. This phone happened to me in the beginning of my college. I was so good that I could sit in the class with phone under the desk and without looking at the screen, text my friends. That too with just my right hand. Old school systems in college didn’t permit students to bring mobiles to college and mobile phones were not allowed in our hostels too. Blasphemy. Those were the times when SMS were free with students plan offered by various network and a grand total of at least 5000-7000 messages/month would be sent from my mobile. I love this phone, it was beautiful and reminds me of the better days of my life. Though calling was minimal, texts to family, friends and other unknown numbers which we believe were women was so common. Can’t laugh more, if I think about it. Later when my father asked I gave it to him, which is now lying at my parent’s place, lifeless.

Nokia N73 music edition happened when I was completing my college. Again my uncle was bullied upon by me and as a result I was gifted this phone just a year before finishing my college. Pic shared below



This had 3.2 mp cam and dual speakers with good sound clarity and fairly good camera. Mind you 3.2 mp was a good number then. This phone has also seen me texting hardcore. I had aced all the modes of typing like T7 dictonary. The customization of themes and usage of IR and BT for data transfer made it a smart phone among the range. N series of Nokia was a super success across India. I still have this phone. The music, the pictures, the texts in the inbox means a lot to me even today.

Later I was tied to a rocket launcher and launched to the caves of middle east. There I fell in love with a small mobile which is far from usual. I always love the best of anything but this small phone was so cute and small. I instantly bought the phone, and yes this was the first phone that I bought with my money.

Samsung C270Β 



The reason why I bought this phone was very weird, just like me. I loved the ringtone of this phone my colleague had. I could have downloaded the ringtone from the internet, but I just went ahead and bought it. I loved the name of the ringtone too, shadows of smile. I have texted a bit in this phone and I use it till date. The battery lasts for 10 days in idle and 7 days at least if you are using it. The maximum you can do with this phone is call, text, set alarm, set a calendar to do activity and that’s pretty much it. But I love this phone. My mother asked me for this phone, so did my sister but I denied both of them. When I look at the texts, some good memories unfold. So that was that. It costed 50$ and I still use it today, when it is around 7 years old with the same batteries and same everything. I think it was a jackpot.

Samsung Galaxy S came into my life a year and a bit later. I was blown away by the phone. Obviously it was a great buy. It is still alive even after 5 years. This phone was the first of the Galaxy S series and the build quality was amazing. Sony had it’s Xperia out but I loved the super AMOLED screen and butter smooth interface.

download (1)


This was my first experience with Android. It ran on a 2.2.2 froyo, which was more than what I expected. I thought it would come with an eclair. Luckily I had droid mon (mon in malayalam means son) stamped onΒ the back panel instead of Google (write up).


After the warranty period I started installing custom rom, flashing the kernel and basically modding the phone. The phone now runs on Mackay Kernel based on CM11 which is basically Android 4.4.4 kitkat. Even after dropping it many times, the phone still runs better than anyone would expect it to run. I think this phone was a benchmark for reliability and versatility.

Recently a month back came, HTC one M8. It has managed to stay at the service center for 20 days out of these 30 days.

download (2)


Everything about this phone is good, except it’s microphone. The other end can’t hear my voice and this is the second time it is going kaput. It runs an Android 4.4.4 kitkat and expected to get Android 5.0 in a few days but that will happen only when I can get the phone out of service center and use it.

These rants were because couple of days back I had to give away the HTC one M8 for service and I had to use my SGS and c270. I must say reading the texts, seeing the old pics made me revisit those times.

A good thing about not selling away your old stuff is revisiting memories. Most of the texts in my old phone are from people that are not in touch with me now, some of the pics from those days make me feel happy and a bit nostalgic at the same time. I enjoy living in those memories.

So my point is, if you have an old phone then charge it, switch it on and read the texts, check out the images. I am pretty sure that you will love the experience. This I call ‘saving memories‘.

Cheers folks!!!


Pic credit : Free Google search, credits to respective owners.Β 


17 thoughts on “Saving memories!!!”

    1. ‘Unsmart’ phone :O last five years . I think that’s why you are smart. πŸ˜› Jokes apart, I thought you must be having a smart phone, else how do you review them. I read one of your review on Dell tabs? Come on, that is also kind of phone.

  1. My very first phone was the Nokia 5110. I liked it because of the Snakes game on it. haha. I couldn’t revisit memories from that phone anymore, nor would I want to, because I shoved it up my ex boyfriend’s ass (literally) when he asked to have it back. πŸ˜›

    1. Hey Aileen,
      Snakes game, aww! I loved it. There were people who could make the snake screen long.

      Well done by the way getting rid of the phone. You don’t need bad memories πŸ˜‰

  2. N73 was a rage and I so badly wanted it, but my dad just put his foot down and gave me a stupid erricson with no extendable memory! I still haven’t forgiven him πŸ˜›

    P.S. I ALWAYS read posts that have a disclaimer to not go ahead, and have never been disappointed yet!!! πŸ™‚

  3. Great post Anoop Ji πŸ˜€ !

    Although I am too young to have a collection of phones that I “used”, i remember my dad had those little nokia phones and I used get so excited when that time of the day comes, when my dad gives me the phone to play. I was a excited little monkey !!! I still remember snake game it had ! True life is really lost in this tech savvy world 😦 …

    1. I would agree with you, ma’am. True life is indeed lost. I used to think earlier that eating chocolates, watching cartoon network and playing was true life and hell, I was wrong. πŸ˜›

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