Wasteful mornings….


When the sun rays cross the blinds to reach me

I regret how wasteful this morning is going to be

Doing things I don’t want

Moving away from the one’s I want

These fake obligations that my mind has woven

Pushes me to carry myself away from quietude I am in


Just another wasteful morning

Like the previous ten thousand one’s ….


40 thoughts on “Wasteful mornings….”

      1. I am sure you do. Anyone who has been outside knows it. NRI is just a fake term. We struggle anyways irrespective of the place. 🙂

  1. I don’t think I have told you this before Anoop but you are a wonderful poet! Your poems have such intensity at the same time they have this melancholy I wish for once you it gets enveloped by joy without anything fake!

      1. Today is a kind of dry day in my office. We have to sit here for the mandatory 8 hours, but our good clients have helped us by declaring not working. Other days I will be playing peek-a-boo in WP 😀

  2. Awesome poem ( as always… 😀 ) !!!

    Getting up in the morning is the biggest pain of all times ( yeah, I like exaggerating things 😛 )… And even thinking about all the stuffs you have to do that day… Geez…. And I am only in school……. OH! I can’t wait to become big and work ! ( Sarcastic ) !

    1. Glad to know you liked it. Some mornings, no matter what you do, are wasted. You should at least have had one morning like that. At least one ?

  3. Yes, the feeling when we wake up & have to do things we dont like & the feeling when we wake up to a free & happy morning. They are extremes! Well written. 🙂

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