This night is so beautiful …

I was driving around in my car, swearing at the lack of light for the potholes my car has hit and high beams that I had to face.
In a bit, I am at my alley trying to park my car at my regular spot.

I walk through the spine chilling cold, slow breeze keeping me enlivened. I can see the shimmery lights far across the roads. I can feel the calmness and tranquility. Everything looks settled unlike the daytime when everything and everyone is running around. The lack of crowd helps me feel good, feel like I own the road all to myself. The night hides everything in itself; the evil, the silence, the spine chilling breeze …

I contradict myself saying, ‘This night looks and feels beautiful.’

The night replies to me, ‘You are just like every other typical human around. Swearing me when things go wrong and appreciating me otherwise.  Your liking and not depends so much on the circumstances. ‘

I murmur again, ‘This night is so beautiful…’


23 thoughts on “This night is so beautiful …”

      1. haha.. I recently had a very long drive at night 😀
        These high beams are kind of inviting. I usually look at it for some reasons!!

      1. Hahaha.. Yes happy times are just 3 days away now! I am leaving on Christmas! Looong train journey, overdose of unhealthy food and jungle!!! 🙂

        I am way to excited! 😛

        What are your plans?

  1. headlights are my bane..useless suckers keep them on high beam..blinding drivers coming from opposite side as well as those in front of him/her…
    here even nights are not that silent…though living high up makes them a bit better 🙂

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