Like a child, hiding his peacock feather

Carefully between the leaf of his notebook

I hide you and our memories

Carefully far in my heart


Like a child, shielding his feather

Away from the fury of rain, dust and heat

I shielded your thoughts and our memories in me

Away from the fury of rust and termites of abandon


Like a child, who opens the very same notebook at nightfall

To seek pleasure of watching his carefully saved feather

I carefully pick out the memories and unwind them at nightfall

To seek pleasure of knowing that nothing has been shrugged off


Like a child, who would have teary eyes

To see that the caressed feather no longer exists

I would have a broken heart to know

Our memories never existed


Pic credit : Free Google search, credits to respective owner.


16 thoughts on “A FEATHER STROKE”

    1. I knew some of my cousins used to do that but not casuarina leaves. I and my friends used to place cadbury wrappers, you know the gold and silver foils, we used to keep that in our textbooks.

      Glad you liked my post. Cheers!

  1. That was beautifully penned Anoop! Especially because I have saved peacock feathers too along with the colored feathers we got in birthday caps those days. This was full of emotions for someone like me who has fallen in love. Memories are indeed cherished like this only. Great work!

    1. It’s a pleasure to know that you could relate to this post. It indeed makes me happy. It was kind of hobby for most of the people I knew. Thank you so much for passing by. 🙂

      Happy new year 🙂

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