Happy New year folks!!!

Here’s me wishing you and your near ones a very happy and a prosperous new year 2015. If 2014 went rocking I hope the same continues this year. If 2014 was mediocre then I hope it gets better or stays the same at least. If 2014 was bad, I hope the next year treats you better.

I think I should take time and evaluate things that I have done, I would recommend the same to you all too. It’s like closing accounts, just logging in how it went so that it’s a saved memory.

You can expect the same results, if you keep doing the same things that you do now.

I remember someone quoting this to me. Do the same thing, expect the same result. Something I remember very much. 

Life was like it was in 2013. Not a single change apart from golf making its presence known this year. That’s sad actually but come on, I didn’t expect anything special anyways. 

One more thing I have realized is the importance of money, or the damages caused due to lack of thereof. It’s so impossible to think of having a peaceful life without money.

Recently one of my colleague left us to join a new firm, where I had already been on a visit. I hated the place, I felt the place so Asian (don’t get offended, I am also Asian :D). There were pressure, confusions, sad faces, people running around. He left to join that company for a considerable rise of pay. Our company on the other hand is a bit more relaxed at this point. I was talking to him, and he was like ‘Who gives a shit? All everyone wants is money.’ I couldn’t help thinking is there anything left in this world apart from money. Hell no. Anyway I am glad for him cos all he wanted was to get a good job that pays a lot, have some money and booze. 

Anyway apart from this 2014 didn’t bring any joy and I am sure 2015 will also not bring any. Not being optimistic or pessimistic, I am just being realistic. I hope 2015 doesn’t bring too much of sadness and depression with it.

Cheers to all those who are on the same train, not knowing where it goes or where it ends. But hey, that’s life for us. 

So on that depressive bombshell let me say again, Happy New Year! May the light of Lord Shiva from Makkah, Medina, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Ayodhya shine on your heads.


The last sentence just means all religions, I hope none of us are religious fanatics and everyone takes it in a proper sense.

Edit : Forgot to mention, I have read much more than before. Thanks to the blogging world. I have enjoyed reading about other people’s life, their fictions, prose and many other things. Reading blogs also felt good.


28 thoughts on “Happy New year folks!!!”

      1. I have my 6th sense also working. I know everything that happens around you. 😛

        It was mentioned in one of your posts and my memory is just stores some things right away. Entha vishwasam aayile!

  1. Wish you a great year ahead 🙂 I like your realistic attitude,it’s way different than Opti/Pessi outlook but somehow I like it 🙂 And I definitely agree with the horrible Asian workculture (and I so wish to get out of it someday) … 🙂

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