A story of Impression

MSG Jim Antony was to return back to Manhattan, Newyork after long 6 years gap. He had quite missed his son, Jamie but the country needed him much more than his son. He was in the overlooking a submarine designing for the US Army. Jamie recently graduated and he was back in Jim’s flat. In Jim’s eyes, the flat always belonged to Jamie as staying there would haunt Jim with memories of his late wife.

When Jim was at his house with his son, he used to see Jamie go out on interviews everyday to return with a grounded stubble face. Jamie had never cared for the way he looks or dresses, though he was intellectually very good. Jim noticed him for a week and then one fine morning he woke Jamie up and told him to get a good hair cut, shave and get a good suit right away. Jamie wouldn’t get his logic but finally Jim had instructed and he was bound to obey. That weekend he was well groomed for the next day interview and he lands right into that job.

Jamie still argued with Jim that he would have landed the job no matter what, for they tested his strong side and things that he knew. Jim replied ‘Remember discipline and systematic lifestyle goes a long way.’ Nonetheless Jamie loved his new looks with a sharp clean face.

First impression is always the best impression.



‘‘This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette

Thanks for the tag Mani. I couldn’t ignore your tag though I saw it today . I am not tagging back anyone for today is the last date for the contest and guessing everyone has started their celebrations.




2 thoughts on “A story of Impression”

  1. Oh! It really comes as a new year surprise gift …so nice of you Anoop 🙂 I’m really overwhelmed. Writing in such a short time to acknowledge the tag…..really awesome!

    Again wishing you a HAPPYwala NEW YEAR 😀 😀 and best of luck for the contest 🙂

    P.S. Hope your stubble is looking fine on you 😛

    1. Actually I had closed my account with that new year post. But then you are on top of my report card (remember). I just sat down and made a post of whatever came in my mind.

      How’s it looking in 2015? Everything good, I believe. Best of luck to you too 🙂

      PS : The stubble has no other option 😛

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