Wise old man

I have a grey hair on my head, meaning I am growing old. This is probably good for an Indian man.


I can go out and start moral policing. Like the guy I saw on facebook today. Catch hold of all the young couples walking by in a railway station or a bus stand. Slap the shit out the young lad and threaten the girl asking for her parents number till she sobs and begs me to leave her alone and not call her parents. The parents are old anyways, and they will listen to me not their kids. I have so much belief that they will believe me much more than their blood. Because this is India, and easily since I am old and seen life much more I have the advantage. I can create some drama, have some action and go home thinking that I have done society a great favor. 



I can look at my younger generations right in their eyes and rant out advises. Advises on how they should focus on their career. Advises on how they should excel in studies. Advises on how 1% marks can be a life changer. I haven’t done much in my life, rather I am miserable loser. But come on, I am old and I have seen and experienced life much more. What does these pizza generation youngsters know? I am the one who should guide them to a good life. I will do everything possible by me to see that he studies and not waste his career singing songs or modeling or whatever. 


I can get some politicians to recommend me and get a job in the government office. I can easily make some money. Nothing is illegal since it’s my country and my govt’s money. Govt is like my mother’s third husband, that means kind of step dad (as pizza generation would say) and I can say take a couple of thousands from a handicapped pension. If she comes asking for the money, I can abuse and make fun of her in the govt office and make her feel humiliated for being born a handicap. I can simply have the money for myself and since I am old and wise, no one can question me. If at all media decides to blow up this matter, I still have the same politician to help and support me. I can easily turn a blind eye to the handicapped widow, her tears, her needs, her kids, her necessity cos I am old and I have seen life and hardships much more than her. Life is indeed ruthless and she should learn to live by it.


Last but not the least, I can join some religious group. Since there is option for everyone in every religion. I can spread my views of communal hatred, violence and people will believe me since I am old. My words are of wisdom for I have the experience of a lifetime. I can easily convince the group that if by any chance a person dies an unnatural death, point out his religion and then avenge his death. I will easily point out that the person who is dead belongs to our community and much more than an  Indian, he belonged to our community and hence blood must flow. The youngsters of the community who were behind this and the whole community should fear and cry, and hence blood must flow. What if innocents die? Sacrifice.Who knows for this deed, tomorrow I can be some VIP! 

This post is in regards to soumya chakraborty and his post which made me think a lot and then decide that keeping quiet might not help but posting against it might. Evil is everywhere, we just need to see and react to it. Dedicated to all those wise people in our country, who are really wise!


13 thoughts on “Wise old man”

  1. Anoop, I liked the way you portrayed it ironically. And, also your gesture of writing something against my post. Because had I asked writers to pelt blogs against these issues, it wouldn’t make a point. Glad that you fell into the thinking trap.

  2. Ah Moral police are at every corner.. The old aunty who peeped out of her window and saw a couple kissing only to later vehemently protest at the society office, the “no bachelor allowed” signs in societies etc. all point at people who cannot “live nor let live”

    1. India is progressing backwards I feel. In a bit, we will see people wearing leaves around their waist. I can bet that the aunty is frustrated with life. People who has been through all this would just smile and let go.

      1. true.. we are going backwards and not in a good way.. We had more creativity and sensibility in the ancient times .. Now we just want to curb and control everyones liberty and feel good.

        Haha I bet she was..and so is most of the oldies in the society committee who ban bachelors or single people .. what anyone does within their walls should be their business as long as they don’t create nuisance for others.

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