Another day… Raiding another mountain !!!

I don’t know why but my blog is turning out to be full of mountain tales. Is it depressing?

So yet again I get to drive towards another mountain range— Jebel Al Jais. This is a tough one. It mocks my previous mountain tale and makes it feel so easy. Not much rants, but just highlighting the important things I observed:

1. The list of emirates having bad roads extends to Ras-al-Khaimah too and Sharjah, Ajman are already in the list. But this stretch was like by far the worst road I have traveled in UAE. Rather I was driving in India. Managed to scrap the underbelly couple of times. There is no tarmac which makes it kind of off-roading experience, and golf isn’t made for off-roading.

2. Golf is amazing. Fell in love with it all over again. I overtook like 20-25 cars on my up-hill journey. Imagine a car pulling in 5th gear, when the speed is 40 kmph. That was an OMG moment for me. Never shifted the car below 3rd gear, unless some obstacle like pedestrians crossing. I had a good race with an FJ cruiser (pic shared below). He had  fairly hard time overtaking me and by the time he overtook me, I called it quits I returned.

3. The time selection went all wrong this time. I couldn’t apply the same logic as before. I slept till late morning and started only in the afternoon. Seeing the traffic till the top, I just returned back. So I drove 135 kms for kind of nothing. Going again is a problem, since the road is bad, I don’t want to but let’s see…

Pics from the short trip…

FJ cruiser, one of my PM’s car being treated like a bitch in a desert drive. 4L engine with 270hp is something.


The four pics I clicked during the entire journey…




Wonder what's cooking on the other side?
Wonder what’s cooking on the other side?







Will I go again? May be not for the broken patches of road is makes it hard. The bad boy image of this mountains does actually tempt me a lot to launch a raid again.

So until next time…..




28 thoughts on “Another day… Raiding another mountain !!!”

    1. Naa.. I have always traveled alone for so many years. But generally it’s a bit risky. I am afraid of car break down more than my safety.
      In India I am afraid of stray dogs.

      eeyal evide okke poyi? Kelkate.

      1. I just hope the car doesn’t break down and set off .. hehe.

        No, the road was packed in the evening. Due to traffic I couldn’t complete my trip. I left half way because I could see the traffic jam from half way to the top. 😥

      2. oh, ok. Now you guys can start in full swing. Mind you, take an SUV to this place or else it will be a bit difficult. But not impossible.

  1. That’s were your wings got little dusty I guess!!!!!!!!…. Waiting for “To be continued”….extension :D… as am sure you will go again!!!!!

    Superb clicks !!!!!!!!!

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