Night watch

Out of the many beautiful pics that I have in my collection, let me share one with you all.


For this night is still young and when it gets colder and darker,

none shall fearΒ 

For I shall send my angels to surround you

till the night is clear

The light like two will be the angel eyes

guiding you to your destination, dear!


This is a part of 5 min post contest put forth by me, and followed by people like me those who are in a hurry. If you also follow this, you may/may not copy paste this line. I really don’t care.(pun intended) πŸ˜›Β 

Good Night!Β 


51 thoughts on “Night watch”

    1. Some days are so good that 5 mins are enough. Some days are so bad that I don’t open this site πŸ˜€

      Come on, you can write better any day. You are so modest.

      1. Aye!?
        Hello! I wished her on our birthday on text and called her too! But no response whatsoever same thing happened on new year eve too!

        See, i try to communicate, now there is just so much effort that one person can put without any response from the other end na!

      2. Idk re…my twin and me have a complex relationship but me and my elder sister love each other to no bounds! Infinity would be too small a term for description!!! πŸ˜€

      1. IB is my biggest source of reading blogs πŸ˜€ When looking at a blog from a medium, there is the feeling of the very minute order πŸ˜‰

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