It was tough time for Isaac, while Elizabeth was still in the labor room. Her pregnancy was 38 weeks, 2 days and few hours old. She was admitted in the labor room later this afternoon and here Isaac still awaits the delivery to get over, while the time was almost midnight. Ultrasound test had given a heads up that chances of having twins is fairly high. Isaac was happy with all that, except for the fact; will Elizabeth be able to make it through this?

She suffered severe weight loss after 20 weeks of pregnancy resulting in a drop of 6 kgs over the next 3 weeks. It was later that they diagnosed hyperthyroidism which means the count of thyroid glands in the blood is far more than required. This means that metabolism and heart rate will be higher. The body work rate was higher than usual, and all this while she was pregnant proved very risky. The doctors did what was easy for them and administered radioiodine ablation, to burn off whole of the thyroid gland and then retaking medicines to restore thyroid gland and hope its function is restored as before. All this while she was pregnant, without any consideration of or for the kid.

Once the ablation was done, she felt super tired sometimes unable to move her body an inch. Later on Isaac and Elizabeth changed their hospital, but the damage was already done. The new hospital charged a bomb and the doctor was a specialized gynaecologist. The doctor at new hospital said that only thing he could do is give some medicines for her abnormal heart beats, which now sometimes beats faster than required or sometimes slower than required. He also warned Isaac that it won’t do any good for the baby, but he was in no position to advise another options.

What Elizabeth was going through inside that labor room was far worse than Isaac? She had reached the utmost end of her energy long before and no hope loomed as to she would make it out of this room alive. Her hopelessness along with the nursing team’s inability to cope up with the situation summed up summoning the chief gynecology doctor at this late hour . A man in his early 50’s rushed through the hospital corridors towards the #no 9 labor room. He is escorted by 3 attendants who point out Isaac as Elizabeth’s husband.

Doctor in no time smiles at him and quickly tells, ‘Let me check what the status of Elizabeth is and get back to you real quick. I am really hopeful that we can do something about the young lady’.

Isaac’s tension eased a bit, only a bit.

The chief doctor goes in and quickly checks her pulse and uses a stethoscope to measure her heart rate. Waits for a while looking at the number of glucose that is going to her thin arms, with barely any flesh on it. He checks the pulse rate and heart rate again, notices that it’s getting bad to worse. Glucose can’t keep her going for long. Again to reconfirm, he waits some more time and rechecks. With a huge grim, he concludes that this patient would be no more if he doesn’t pull out a rabbit from his hat. He is quick to go through her medical records, and understands that she has some serious trouble with her major hormones, thyroid being the primary.

The chief rushes out, tells Isaac to meet him in his cabin after exactly 10 mins.

Isaac does what he was told to do. The doctor hurriedly tells him to sit down. Isaac sees that the room was a real mess, like a farm freshly ploughed. In a bit, the chief takes a packet and grabs his seat. He asks Isaac,

‘Are you by any chance familiar with Hex pharmacies international?’

Isaac could feel the chief’s heartbeat 2 meters away. There was a real sense of urgency; his tone, mannerisms and everything screamed urgency.

Isaac said, ‘I’m not that familiar with the details though I know the government has imposed a ban on them last week.’

‘Yes  … Yes…Yes… You are right. The same company which produces a medicine, a steroid, ‘Heart 50’. The reason for their ban was because one of the boxing athlete was caught injected with the same medicine before the game and when checked the drug proved to be a very risky.’

‘This medicine directly increases the pressure at which heart pumps. In say 15 mins, you get extra energy at the cost of damaging your heart permanently. The pressure at which this medicine increases the blood being pumped is said to be 50 times the normal pressure as mentioned, but I reckon it’s somewhere around 25-35 times the normal pressure.’, the chief says in a single breath.

‘The only way to save your wife is this medicine, for her pulse rate is dropping and not showing any progress. I must say she is on the brink of death.’

Isaac is completely blank hearing this. He has no words to say, his heart skipping beats. He asks ‘Have you ever adopted this method before?’

‘Yes, yes… only once in my 20 year long career. There was a similar case and I was ordered to inject this drug by my then chief. The lady had lifelong troubles, all hormone related but the kids were fine in that case. I cannot guarantee nothing. This drug is not banned for no reason you see.’

He stresses further on his point, ‘This is a very dangerous drug. I don’t know what side-effects your wife or kids will have but there is no escaping side-effects. The only reason I am forced to do this is because your wife is not going to survive another hour of this day. Administering this drug means there are chances that you might have your wife and kids back, but at what cost I am unsure!’

The chief says that time is very less and if Isaac was willing to be a part of it, he has to sign the disclaimer on behalf of his wife. Isaac after thinking and re-thinking agrees to sign the documents which is in the office downstairs. Since the hospital is a super specialty one, the office works 24 hours and there were doctors available all the time.

While Isaac is just about to leave the chief doctor gives him a shout, ‘If I am doing it for you, and if something were to go wrong tomorrow you wouldn’t raise a complaint against me or try to frame me, right? This company has been banned from the last month, and I might be charged for culpable homicide.’

Isaac looks in the eye and assures him that none of that would happen from his part, and he moves on to finish the formalities…

(To be contd…)


66 thoughts on “A HEART THAT BEATS FASTER – 1”

    1. There are many short stories, if you look at my earlier posts. I actually started blogging with short stories 😀

      Thank you so much for reading, Saya the poet 🙂

      1. you don’t need to thank me….I am hooked for this series.. 😀 why don’t you participate in the flash fiction chain..if you’re interested that is.. we will get another talented writer 😀

      2. Actually if I throw a challenge to my brain, it won’t come up with anything good. It wouldn’t work at all. Once in a while, my snail size brains wake up and help me come up with something like this 😀

      3. oh cmonn..you won’t need to challenge your brain…we will do it for you..their will be a story already initiated..u just need to carry it forward 😀

      4. 😀 words will flow as you start writing..atleast thats what happens to me.. don’t think so much …take a leap of faith 😛

      5. No probs Saya. I don’t mind that too. It feels like a good friend forcing. I will definitely try and join you guys next time depending on the topic.

        Struggling to find a finish to this one btw.. 😦

      6. Actually it keeps bugging me, I can’t leave something incomplete. Likewise I can leave a message unanswered in my phone. Some problem with my wiring 😛

    1. Stories should be believable na 😛 Even when I tell a lie, it will be well fabricated.. right from my college days. In school days, I used to sign my bad remarks from teachers 😛 (thats a lot of details about me 😀 )

      1. 😛 Feels light after sharing a few secrets. pheww! But I don’t lie unless it’s absolutely necessary, I hope you haven’t portrayed me very bad 😀

  1. Med thriller! Looking forward to the sequel.
    By the way, here’s a recommendation. Read Robin Cook’s books. (Something makes me feel like you’ve already read at least one of his, though)

    1. No man. You got me wrong there. I haven’t read one good book in my entire life. I don’t read any books for that instance unless it’s really necessary. I read a lot of stuff over the net though. All the books like Harry potter were watched as movies.

      This is one thing I want to change in myself, hopefully I will start with Robin Cook then.

      1. Hopefully 🙂 The reason why I don’t start is if I get hooked I will just carry on reading without dealing with the other things in life for eg work 😛

      1. It’s miserable for me now as to how to go ahead, but I have kind of idea as to what to make of this story .. *devilish laugh*

      2. Haha!!! I like your stories in any case. Waiting for the next part!

        I still remember the CA wala story you posted! I keep thinking you’ll return with a sequel where they meet again! Think about it once you’re done with this one!! 😀

      1. Which post are you referring to, again? must go read that..hahahah!
        That being said, we all are afraid of a lot of things, that doesn’t diminish everything else about ourselves. I know I’ve known you only for a short period of time, and i know you only through your blog and your presence in the blogging world, and i have to tell you this that you are a lot more than they sum of your fears and misfortunes. Definitely more!
        Stop selling yourself short, Anoop 🙂

      2. Your post called Nothing! Oh my god, I am reminding of your posts.

        There is lot more happening outside blogging world na 😉

      3. I wouldn’t necessarily say that. Talking about myself, through my blog I show a side of me that I don’t show otherwise. I don’t really think it is a nicer side; it is just a different side of me 🙂

      4. Everyone does 🙂 No one exposes himself completely here. Even in a relationship I must say it takes a lot of time to understand a person completely.

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