A heart that beats faster – 1.1

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Isaac looks in the eye and assures him that none of it would happen from his part, and he moves on to finish the formalities…

It takes him sometime to get done with the papers. He was half-minded signing it all, hoping that everything is going to all right. Isaac was a strong man, but his hands shivered a bit today signing those non-liability documents.

Walking back to the veranda he was before, all he could do was hope for the best. In about another 10 mins, the chief was in his surgical gown. As he stops near Isaac, he says ‘keep faith, Isaac. I promise to do my very best.’  A phrase used by doctors often.

Entering the room, the chief noticed Elizabeth half lifeless. He needed her to be alert, and he needed her to work with him if he was to successfully complete this. C-section was not possible due to various complications. External fetal monitoring showed bit of raised heart rate in one of the kids, which again was of some concern.

The chief tells the team to wake her up by feeding her some glucose orally, and at least 2-3 cups of water to keep her awake. Before that the drug had to be injected, for that would take another 15 mins to start its work. Another major concern for the chief doctor was finding a vein on her malnourished hands. He was completely under pressure, it was a time trial and he had no time to think.

He decides that injecting the drug would happen only once the patient is awake. She was woken up: glucose, water made way into her weak body. The doctor goes close to her and murmurs in the ears, ‘I want you to do as I say. Your kid’s life is at stake here, so is yours.’

No mother would want to see her kid harmed, she nods her head in agreement. Next challenge was to find a vein in her hand to inject the drug. The drug was very strong; a vein near the upper forearm was the most suitable choice, while injecting it somewhere behind the waist region would be perfect. But her lifeless body had sunk the veins near her forearm deep in her and injecting it at the waist region was a ruled out option at this given time. He thought to himself and advised the team, ‘no use searching for a vein there, let’s go with the ones behind the knuckle.’ That would be a lot painful, but Elizabeth had to take it all. He slaps hard near her knuckles and hurriedly pushes the needle through the vein he spotted. She moans loud, but only to bear it silently later. The doctor pushes the drug through the syringe, and it takes around a minute to let all of the drugs in her blood.

In a while, she is a bit more lively. He could notice it from her face. The drug has started its work. The doctor introduces forceps around the baby’s head to make the process easier. After some more efforts from him, the twins have arrived safely, marking their arrival by crying out loud. Elizabeth stares at the newborn, she is very much tired but the effect of the drug is going to last a bit longer. She won’t be able to rest till then. The kids were taken by the nurses, the chief walks out a happy man. He takes Isaac along with him to his room.

‘Believe it or not, this was one of the toughest cases till date. I am glad to say that the mother and the boys look fine.’

Isaac’s happiness knew no bounds, but then the doctor interrupts again

‘I think we need them in observation for 72 hrs from tomorrow. It’s just to make sure that the mother and the kids are fine, for the drug that has gone in her is not something normal. I must say Isaac; she has very bad health. You both shouldn’t try for another kid no more. I am still amazed as to how she overcame those moments in the labor room.’

Isaac replies, ‘Sir, do you mean 3-4 days from tomorrow? That will be really expensive. I cannot afford it here. Is there any other option you might want to suggest?’

‘This is very much required, Isaac. I can’t let her and the kids go without placing them in observation. There is absolutely no way. The observation might go from 3 days to 6 days. While I understand your financial problems, I must say I am sorry that there is nothing I can do in this regard.’ the chief says firmly.

‘External fetal monitoring showed that one of your kids had a bit raised heart beat. I need to do a study on that, Isaac.’

Isaac cannot argue anymore, he nods and walks out a dejected man.

Once Elizabeth was conscious the next day, the kids were named as Benjamin and Edward. They were identical twins and Edward was the younger one. Edward had a mole on his right palm, and that’s how Isaac could keep a note of which of them is Edward.

3 days had passed in the hospital; the chief doctor himself was on this case. He summons Isaac to his room that evening,

‘Why is Elizabeth so thin?’

‘She suffered hyperthyroidism, Doctor and she still does’

‘You know what that means right?’

‘Not in depth, but I do. What happened?’

‘Isaac, let me be open with you. I told you that day that one of your kids had a raised heart beat? Do you remember?’

Yes sir, why?

‘What’s your younger ones name?’


‘Edward is born with raised heart beat. His heart beats faster than the usual other new born kids. The reason I can think of is some side-effect from her previous treatment. I am sure it is not this drug we used for her delivery. This drug wouldn’t harm the kid but the mother. Since then Elizabeth looks fine, she has her thyroid problems like before which is fine. But your younger son…’ he sighs

Isaac looks crestfallen. He doesn’t understand a thing of what the chief doctor is on about.

He gathers some courage and asks, ‘Sir, what’s all that? Is there any treatment in US or some other place?’

‘I have my degree from US. There is not much that doctors can do there what I can’t.’ trying to protect his ego.

‘This is a very rare case, I have heard of a couple of cases before. There is nothing to be done; he is born with higher heart rate.’

Isaac looks clueless.

The chief doctor continues, ‘As parents you will have troubles with Edward. Raised Heart rate means higher metabolism which means you will need to feed him more often. He will have sleep troubles leading to chances of insomnia. Once he is 3 or 4, he will be tired unlike your elder one doing any physical activity. His blood pressure needs to be monitored at regular intervals.’

‘Finally in such cases, death is due to heart attack. The heart is working more than that of a normal being. Hence it all depends. I am just being open Isaac. There are chances that he might live till 50 or may be even more. It really depends.’ trying to make him feel better.

Now that is not pleasant to hear for Isaac, but the doctor reminds him to keep faith.

On the 6th day, Elizabeth and the twins are discharged from the hospital. The hospital bill was considerably taken care by the good will of the chief doctor who manages to reduce his fees and give them a free 3 day stay out of the 6 days. The chief doctor also provides Isaac with his number, so that they don’t need to visit the hospital again spending more money. Isaac wholeheartedly thanks him as they leave the hospital. Ben and Edward set off to their home with Isaac and Elizabeth.

On the way back Isaac forgets his worries looking at the little ones. They looked like two cute cotton balls with hands and legs. Isaac was holding Edward and Ben in both hands and thighs supporting a bit, while Elizabeth was napping and the taxi rushed towards their destination…


(To be contd…)


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    1. Thanks mate! This was done in kind of hurry, I didn’t even proof read it properly. Usually I read and then ponder over better sentences. Nothing of that sort in this post 😉

    1. Yes, it is hyperthyroidism ma’am. 🙂

      I also feel restless leaving a post half way 😦 Will try and make something of it. The next part is the last part anyways.. sigh of relief..

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