The heart that beats faster – 1.2

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Isaac was holding Edward and Ben in both hands and thighs supporting a bit, while Elizabeth was napping and the taxi rushed towards their destination…

Days ahead were quite demanding for the young couple. Ben was adorable, and it was ‘no fuss’ parenting him. He would wail and howl only when needed to be fed. Apart from that, even the neighbors would carry him to their place and he was all gleeful. On the other hand, Edward was mayhem. He couldn’t part Elizabeth for a minute and he wouldn’t be happy seeing any other face apart from her’s. She had troubles making him fall asleep, his eyes always wide open and seemed like he rested for a bit only when he was exhausted.

Due to all this happenings, Elizabeth badly lacked sleep. Ben would sleep at night but Edward would be awake and crying, feeding on Elizabeth. Soon in 6 months, she had to stop feeding Edward and resort to other means of food. She was frustrated for the kid was really hard to deal with. Isaac couldn’t handle Edward, since all he wanted to be with was with his mother. Some days she had to move the cradle nearby her vicinity while she was showering, so that he would be quiet. Elizabeth’s health deteriorated further, she wouldn’t take her medicines on time and lack of sleep was another factor. Isaac was worried but there was not much he could do in this situation.

Apart from Edward being cranky, there was not much health problems visibly. Ben was doing great and demanded less attention, and was happy by himself.

Within 8 months Edward could crawly, creep and stand up. While Brother Ben would crawl, Edward already started walking with support. He was quicker, more energetic and his nuisance had reduced a bit. He would be crawling and walking in the day leaving him and Elizabeth, running behind him, tired towards the evening.

A year passed, two years passed and later on when the kids were four years old, one fine Sunday morning Elizabeth bid adieu to this world. It was silent attack in sleep and she looked cold and peaceful in the morning. A blow to Isaac that sent him straight to depression. He couldn’t afford to be in that state for long. The kids had started going to Kindergarten. He had to cope up with everything alone.  Especially Edward who was so close to her, it would be hard to convince him and help him with his daily chores. But alas what had to be done, had to be done.

Time passed by, Isaac struggled to pull everything together and this year Ben and Edward were supposed to start their school life. He enquired about the vacancy in couple of schools which he could afford, and he did manage to select one finally. A school nearby their residence, where Isaac had couple of known friends working in the sports and music departments.

School was not a great experience as such for Edward. Isaac wouldn’t understand what he wanted and what he didn’t want. It was not like the times when Elizabeth was carrying him around. He had problems of sweating in the school, due to higher metabolism. He would remove his socks right away in the middle of the class. Finally Isaac was called in to meet the head-master on complaints like Edward sleeping between the class hours, him trying to open his lunch box. Isaac tried his best to explain the kid’s worries to the head master, and came to an agreement that Edward would be allowed to have a break after couple of hours after school where he can go to head-masters room with his lunch box and have a small fill there, so that he doesn’t feel irritated between the class hours. Ben had better friends from school and Edward was left out. He was known to be a weirdo among the kids right from the beginning.

Years passed, Edward was all by himself. In the class, he would sit towards the second last seat in the second row, all by himself while all the other students paired up with their friends. He would actively listen to the teacher sometimes, and tired and frustrated some other times. He would look forward to his father taking him to hospitals for the regular check-ups. Not that he understood any of those tests, but he would be away from school and his father with him meant good bye to loneliness for that short time. Isaac could never look into Ben or Edwards studies. Apart from him instructing them on doing home works and daily lessons, he couldn’t look in depth of what’s happening in their lives. He was still living in Elizabeth’s memories, they had been together for 6 years before they married each other and 4 years in marriage. It felt lonely for Isaac.

Edward had a lot of books in his room related to different things, growing up. That is how he compensated his sleeplessness in the nights. Ben would rarely talk to him, he would also stay away understanding Ben’s approach towards him. He was bullied in the school, called a weirdo. Some called him a pansy, owing to his inability to participate in games and other tasks involving physical activity. He would be sad, depressed and to himself most of the times. But books kept him busy.

Years passed, Isaac had stopped instructing them on what is to be done and what not. He had lost his control over the boys. They were turning 16 this year. Edward was better in academics due to him spending more time with books. His regular interval check-ups had stopped long back, and he had stopped putting efforts to help his starving during the day. It had more over become a habit to overcome the urge of hunger, sometimes dishonestly bypassing the urge by drinking water.

It was Christmas and the chill was much more than usual. An evening when Isaac was away for work and Ben was out with his friends, Edward is hooked with a paralyzing chest pain, he thinks it is one of those normal pain but later on he passed out and slowly slipped into the abyss of death. The paramount pain lasting for minutes later on turned into peaceful sleep…

Sadly, the heart that could beat faster, couldn’t succor life for long…

The End … pheww!!! 


16 thoughts on “The heart that beats faster – 1.2”

  1. Why did it have to end this way?! 😦

    You have a way with emotions! And this one makes me ponder – whether we are being cruel to people unknowingly! All the people we meet are fighting their personal battles without us adding on to that by cruel remarks or behavior! Thanks Anoop 🙂

    1. Exactly Mata ji 😛
      Most of them alive on this planet are fighting a battle, sometimes personal or professional or emotional…

      I knew that you wouldn’t like the end. I had to kill him anyways 😛 I didn’t know how to end it otherwise….

      Thank you so much for reading, yaar. Good night 🙂

  2. I just began with part 1, opened all the 3 in separate windows so that i could read them in one go. It was so interesting and finally you did this 😦
    Well written. Shows that life isn’t always fair.

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